Friday, May 21, 2010

2010 Recap so far

Since I got started on this blog business almost mid year, I thought it might be fun to do a recap of this year's events. For posterity's sake.

January: 2nd snow and ice storm this winter. We had a lot of broken tree limbs, broken fence, bent flagpole in Carnegie, power outage in Carnegie for 6 days where we got stranded and stayed with my inlaws since they had generator. Morning, noon, and night --- for several days : ) And of course, a little snowman building. Or a big snowman building I guess. Pretty good one, huh? We've got Dad to thank for that. Notice the croquet mallets for arms? Three arms. Zane's idea.

February: Painting! Hallelujah. When we bought our house everything was beige. Seriously, everything - the walls, the tile, the carpet, the kids bedrooms, the cabinetry. I tried to live with it and learn to love it, especially the cabinets but I just couldn't do it. So Edgar came and painted a lot of the cabinetry white, light gray walls, lavender in Ava's room, deep orange stripe in Zane's room with dark blue bathroom, dusty aqua in our bedroom, grayish green in the office, and dark warm gray in the dining room. Oh yeah and Spanish red in the entry. I still need to paint the scrap room but I just can't decide on a color - or a non color : ) And I am still working on decorating it. I have serious commitment issues. "Before" then "during" photos below. "After" is someday when my house is clean enough to photograph it all at once. Like maybe before my son's next birthday party in November ; ) I can hardly stand to look at the before. It's making my blog ugly.

March: I turned 30. She turned 2. And it snowed on my birthday. This is my precious girl as we were all singing happy birthday to her and it's like she finally realized it was all about her. She how she's holding her little hands? She is the sweetest. No, I didn't make that cake but I could have. Ask Denise, she's seen my cakes.

And this little gem of a photo below. After a wicked night in the El Reno ER, a visit to the walk in clinic, a visit to two specialists, and an MRI later, we discovered Adam has meniere's disease - the balance mechanism in one of his ears does not work properly. He was having episodes of extreme vertigo. This was quite an ordeal. Nothing like chasing two barefoot kids in the ER at 1 a.m. My son kept trying to turn all the nozzles on the oxygen tanks. Several debilitating episodes followed this initial blow. And now I get to learn how to cook with only 900 milligrams of sodium or less per day for us. I got him to pose by the sign when we went to get his medical records. At least he can smile about it now. Kinda. Grimmace maybe.

April: Adam and I went on a little road trip getaway to Dallas. We stayed at the Westin. I love that place. We're still talking about how much fun this was. We really enjoyed our freedom from our dear sweet little monsters. Ahhhh, the shopping trip of a lifetime. I don't know what got into Adam but I have never seem him get so into buying clothes or buying anything for that matter (except the Led Zeppelin box set he got when we were in high school maybe). I didn't ask any questions, I just kept smiling and stackin 'em up. Mandatory Dallas stop at Ikea. More shopping but by then he was tired of it. Didn't last quite long enough. No complaints here though.

April also brought about Zane's first soccer game which was a nightmare. He actually stood in the goal pretending to be chewing through the net. And he tried to de-pants the ref. No, he didn't learn that at home, I know what you're thinking. And lots and lots of re-direction. I'm shaking my head about this still as I write it out. It was painful : ) My friend, Denise, told me not to lose hope - that he was going to be a leader and not a follower and some other encouraging kind of stuff good friends say to make you feel better. And it did.

We also got a ton of new trees in our back and front yard. Yeah, that is actually newsworthy to me. They are way pretty. So then I was able to talk my husband into buying new patio furniture since we had new trees. Had to have a place to sit and enjoy them ; )


  1. Fun pictures, Briana! And I love your blog name!

  2. Your blog looks amazing! You're off to such a good start! All the pictures are fabulous! Looking forward to stalking, oh, I mean following, you!

  3. Loved this! I LOVE doing re-caps! SO fun! I still have Nov and Dec to do for 2009. LOL. And I love your blog! This wallpaper is SO SO cute!!! I could use a chair out of this stuff. :-) Where'd you get it?

  4. Reyanna - thanks! I got it from She has a ton to pick from and you can share mine if you like : )It kinda reminds of the new quilt you got.

  5. Briana, wowee...look at all the hard work you have been doing. I love your trees! I know you told me about them, but seeing them in photos brings it to life. They are gorgeous. Love that I was mentioned here more than once. My ego grew by three pounds. I am glad those pounds went to my ego and not my butt. Whew! With saying that...yes, truly Zane is a leader. You'll see. I love his spirit and anyone that tries to de-pants a ref is number one in my books. Sorry....I know...not acceptable, but still it makes me giggle. Your cabinets are gorgeous. Totally worth painting them and getting gassed out of your home. ;o)

    Love your blog. I am so impressed with all you have learned in such a short time. You are amazing!