Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fashion mail day & SC Reveal

Look what came in the mail to live with me! I am infatuated with J. Crew. I used to want to shop in there but I was a little large for their sizes and styles. Now I am not and man am I making up for lost time. I just love their unusual color combinations and how they mix casual and dressy. They can do no wrong in my book. I say this as I sit here typing with neon orange nail polish thanks to them. They're just so clever : ) Genius in fact.

This was Mother's Day. Adam got the most gorgeous green orchid corsage for me. This is kind of a dying tradition I'm afraid these days. But it was so modern with some kind of grass looped over the top and dupioni silk wrapped around the stems.

And today is Studio Calico's reveal! I got the Shade Tree add on. Oh my, the grid and cream Jenni Bowlin buttons! And the fabric flowers! And the colors are so, oh they are such J. Crew colors now that I come to think about it! The main kit is chocked full of goodies. They're mixing genius too : )

And in other exciting scrapbook news, yours truly will have a Halloween mini book in the Oct./Nov. 2010 issue of Simply Handmade. I'm pretty stoked about that. This is where the paper lust part comes into play : )


  1. I am stoked about that, too! I cannot wait to see it in print. We shall party that day.

    Holy buckets....LOOK AT YOU! You look fabulous. You make me want to jump on a treadmill. Thank you for that. :o) Now with all your J.Crew purchases you are going to rule the world in style. :o)

  2. i am diggin' your new clothes.. LOL.

  3. love the jcrew! i got that same tshirt :) you do look fabulous.

  4. You look so great! I am gonna knock Denise off the treadmill and jump on too.
    Can't wait to see more projects with paper!

  5. What an awesome photo of you & your little man! We don't have J.Crew here...*sigh*