Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sunshine - Fabric Flowers

Waleska makes nice challenges too : ) Her challenge was to use the fabric swatches from Studio Calico's Partly Sunny June kit - well, they were offered in the shop in addition to the kit. I've been dying to make these fabric flowers I've seen many places, especially from Dear Lizzy for American Crafts. And Maya Road. Anyway, they were so easy and fun to make. Start by punching a circle from cardstock, take your fabric stips and glue them together from side to side so that the non finished part of the faric is hidden, glue one end onto the punched circle, and start twisting and and glue down as you go along. With the thinner fabric you have to use a delicate hand and not twist too tightly. Since these K & Co. swatches were't long I had to cut the swatch into strips and glue them end to end before starting. I cut my swatches into three lenghts for most of these. I used Eileen's fabric glue and it worked like a charm.

This page has earned a high spot in my favorites. I love the colors, the texture, the hipstamatic photos, the whimsical feel, the misting, the sewing, the washi tape. And this was made in two days - or I should say two scrappy sessions. I know I keep talking about that but that makes me feel pretty good. I used to take forever.

And I have been playing and playing with the hipstamatic like crazy. Sometimes I use the hipsta and then go over those results with the "camera bag" option on my iphone as well. So many combinations this way.

Well, that's about it for today. My house is a wreck from neglect with all this paper lusting I've been doing. If you're reading this far, bless your heart ; )


  1. Great Layout!!! Love the flowers! I just blogged about my first venture with these flowers as well..I made some out of MF crepe paper..They were so fun to do!

  2. Love the flowers! I still need to try those on a layout some time. I am totally in love with the hipstamatic app too!

  3. This blows me away! I love the fabric flowers. I love the background of your layout. This layout reminds me of mosaics. I love mosaics, so that is a good compliment as it means my eyes keep going from good thing to good thing. :o)

  4. Briana, this is gorgeous! Why! And yes, I was excited about the necklace! It came today and it's so cute)