Monday, June 14, 2010

Sass Page & Cool Hipstas

My goal when I made this page was to use more color since I prefer to use white as a background, use my border punches that I had practically forgot (not really) since they were stored out of sight (now proudly living on my floating shelves), and use the new i-top brad maker cause it's just a great tool I had not learned how to use yet. I think I met my goals. Someone went a little border punch nuts but I do like the result. The cool bumpy/pulled effect on the thread on the hill was an accident but a lovely accident indeed. This was made completely with the June Studio Calico Partly Sunny kit. That was another goal - to use only kit contents on a page and not waste time digging around in my stash - and why would I need to do that since the Studio Calico kits are already perfection? ; )

This is about Ava pretending to get an attitude with me. She learned this expression and pose from her brother. Nice. She's got a little smile peeking out from that frown. I need to journal that somewhere on this page but I'm not sure where right now and I don't want it to hold me up any longer.

And this is just a little hipstamatic love. My kids go insane when we turn on the sprinkler system in the backyard and let them run wild. We can sit out there for an hour just watching them. And don't the clouds look so cool? Also snow cone stand visit, attending a wedding (outdoor in June in Oklahoma - know what that means? It was dang hot), Adam working from home, art wall of my scrapbook room.

We had a serious flood here today. It rained all night and all morning. I could not even get to Michael's if I wanted to. This is greatly disturbing. Kidding. 

Ohhh, Denise, are you reading this? Did you notice the new column/gadget to the right?


  1. Wow Briana - these pages (and all of your work, for that matter) are gorgeous! I can't wait to sift through your gallery.
    Thanks so much for your comment. I am so glad I found your blog!

  2. HA! HA! OMG...I cannot believe you really did a Denise shrine. In my opinion more people should do so, but you are the only one to realize this. Seriously, you are funny. This actually gives me the motivation to keep that blog updated. Oh the pressure. ;o) Working on the gift card holder, so I can post that at some point this week. No choice. I am giving it as a gift on saturday. I work better on deadlines. :o)

    Your layout is vibrant, fun and full of sass. You definitely have a knack of working with color. That faux sass look is adorable - love the photo. :o) I need to get my i-top into action more often. I love how you used it. Sewing is lovely as is the use of the punches. Perfect layout. I could stare at it all day. That is a compliment.

    You should change your middle name to Hipsta. HA HA....just thought of are my Hipsta Sista. LOL! I would be the dorky sister. Great photos! Glad you are getting into the photos, too. :o)

  3. Geez...I wrote a freaking book, didn't I? Yikes.

  4. That is a great LO--the clouds, the hill out of the green pp, and your pics are fab!

  5. Love that LO! Great details with the border punches and the stitching! So much fun to look at!

  6. AWESOME layout! love it! i need to buy that hipstamatic app...

  7. Absolutely stunning page! Love the bright colors! Looks so good!