Monday, July 26, 2010

Catching Up - June & July

It's been a little bit since I updated this thing and I thought it might be nice to give Kela and Lorraine something to read. Hiya Darlin's : ) Leave me a comment when you read this, won't you?

Recognize this handsome couple? ; ) He's had me caught for 10 years this month. I can hardly believe that. I was married before I could legally drink. But it's worked out pretty well I'd say. No regrets. And I get a reward trip to Hawaii out of it. Or I should say he gets a reward trip knowing the bathing suits I've bought. Happy belated anniversary, Adam.

For father's day I made him one of those books from Shutterfly. I went with the simple design versus the cartoon drawings of fishing gear and so on. What I love about this book, besides the content obviously, is that it came together so quickly and looks like I spent quite a bit of time on it. Well, maybe not. It is pretty clean. Next time I'm going to get going in advance and use one of Ali Edward's book templates. He loved it.  I had two copies made, one for home, and one for his office. It  is really fun for us to look at and it has something like 55 pages. And now I'm just relieved those are less pictures I have to print and scrap. There are some gems in there I will scrap anyway but you know what I mean.

Here's his card. This is a little tradition of ours. He gets such a kick out of it when I make stuff like this for him. I think he enjoys me scrapbooking more than I do. When I haven't been at it for a while, like now, he starts asking when I'm going to make something. Sweet.

This was interesting. We moved but we still have our house out in the sticks. And we have these huge ginormous mulberry trees in the backyard. They're really pretty and make the best shade you can imagine but the limbs are really weighty. When we had the ice storm several branches fell and one of them tore our fence down. (This was a cute story after the fact - During the power outage I heard it cracking in our bedroom and took off running - I told Adam - I am NOT sticking around for this and he looked at me like I was mad and walked slowly behind me - by the sound of it - it was a big branch and it would not take much to break deep into that low ranch house roof line right onto me in the bed. It's the one that took the fence down. He still laughs about the look on my face). A lot of limbs were damaged but hadn't broken off. I kept telling Adam it was freaking me out when we were out there playing looking up at these huge huge prehistoric looking heavy limbs. If one of these fell, it could very well send us all to meet the maker.
One day we got back and this branch way lying across our backyard, like the entire width of the backyard right where we walk back and forth to the swing set. That was it. We finally got a crew hired to "hat rack" them as they called it.They had to use an apple picker thing or something like that to get high enough. The crew along with Adam had to build a ramp to get into our backyard. I told them I wanted those trees cut back by half. These were planted back in the 60's when the house was built. The dude who's been trimming for about 10 years and for PSO - he said those were the biggest mulberry trees he had ever seen. I saw him standing next to the trunk and his son was taking a picture. Apparently he was truly impressed. If I was there I would measure, but I'm pretty sure these trees measure about 3.5 feet across the trunks. So, that was a weight off and a decent amount of coin fleeting our bank account.

Here are just a few pictures of what we've been up to. I've been cooking a lot with the kids since it seems like they are both old enough to get in there and help and enjoy it. Making their own pizza was their favorite. They liked banana bread too for the smooshing of the bananas as most kids would. After I had all the stuff set up, I looked over on the hutch and saw the chef's hat my son had made at school. Couldn't be more perfect than that. What a great scrapbook page that will make. I'm just thankful the counter top conceals the fact that he's only got und!es on.

So the other thing I've been doing lately is collecting scrapbooking supplies making sure and not scrapbook once they show up in the mail. Ha. Don't we all? So lately it's been a vintage finding and buttons quest. This particular box is from one of my favorite places, Paper Valise. And wallpaper.

And the newest thing I am most utterly excited about is READING! I used to read just for enjoyment long ago, way before kids when we would come home for the weekend from college. I bought Stieg Larsson's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. And I devoured it. There were certainly some very graphic parts but I was hooked. And bought the second and third in the series and read the second one in one day. I'll probably read all these again because I can see how I surely missed some connections or something reading at that speed. But, these books will do it to ya. Now I'm almost done with the third and have slowed down dramatically cause I just don't want it to end. I've been staying up into the wee hours of the night with this. It's a good thing I don't sleep much. I also read Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden and The House at Riverton. I liked The House at Riverton best. Robbie does seem like a hottie. Now I just can't wait to get into bed at night . . . . .  for the reading. So now I'm on the hunt for more good stuff to read. Not a problem at all. I did spend about an hour the other night reading way mixed reviews on the book Little Bee. After much thought, I decided to put this one off for now.

Today when I picked my son up from his little summer activity gig he said, before we even got out the door, "Mom, a girl kissed me today." I said, "What?" and he said, "Nothing." I asked him if he would tell me about it in the car. He said the girls were chasing the boys and if they caught them they were going to kiss them. He told them if they caught him he was going to smash them. But I guess he was just playing hard to get cause he was pretty pleased with himself.  He's only 4.5.


  1. too much to comment on! was thinking of you & thought i'd check your blog. i'm on the 3rd of those books - the girl who kicked the hornet's nest. i bey you can thank denise for that one too, eh? :)
    love the photo book. (we do my publisher books as christmas gifts.) fab card! wish i could say my hubs got excited about that stuff! and...
    i am with you on the collecting... currently, 2 months of studio calico kits hanging on the wall. another month on the way. plus - new sassafras. sigh...

  2. That looks like a great box of yumminess! Happy belated anniversary!

  3. Thank goodness for your blog or those of us still in the sticks would have no idea what your up to! LOL.... Ava is a little doll and Mr. Zane has grown! Tell him girls will give him coodies and coodies bite!
    Your pages and card are great. You really need to come scrapbook with Kela and I we can make a day of it,ok? I started a blog for my Close To My Heart business, come visit.
    Oh yes....I LOVE your profile picture :)

  4. I suck. I haven't updated my blog or visited blogs in too long. I apologize. First of all I love the background ledger paper with rust accents on your blog. Very classic and eye catching. Your Shutterfly books turned out beautiful. I am helping my cousin make one for her parent's 50th wedding anniversary. It is a lot of work, but it was nice to hear how you and Adam cherish yours. Makes the work worth it. That card is AWESOME! I love your style. I can see why Adam loves when you create. :o) I am glad you are having a fun summer. I loved reading your update and seeing your photos. The kids are so adorable. I can see why the girls want to chase Zane and kiss him. He knows how to work it. Lots of men over the age of 20 haven't figured out what Zane already has. LOL! Smooch!

  5. been thinking about you a lot lately. i'm so out of touch, except for the occasional hour spent on facebook. but i thought i'd check your blog, and glad for your update. love your photos and knowing that you've had a nice summer. happy belated anniversary to you and adam. loves!