Thursday, September 23, 2010

Building Scenes

This is a page about my son's favorite thing to do - set up scenes all over the floor with his superheroes and villains and dragons and whatever else he can throw in there. He lines the bucket of army guys up from Toy Story and acts like Twitch is the bad leader over everyone. He pretends like his huge octopus is about to eat it all. Then he insists we/he leave it up for days while we all have to walk around it. I used to do that when I was little, only it was with farm animals and pens/fences.

This was made with Studio Calico's Back 40 kit.


  1. What a great story to tell. I love to admire the little installations left by my kids when they are off at school. I should start photographing them. This is a gorgeous layout and I am in love with that background paper - I think the color is called Atmosphere - it's amazing and you did it justice, for sure!

  2. Such a great imagination! He reminds me of Jake and Nick. I used to pretend to mix potions out of plants and mud as a child. They must not have given me any toys. HA HA!