Saturday, September 18, 2010

His Own Person

I made this page about my son's zest for life ; ) He is something else. The journaling talks about how he's loud, independent, a bit aggressive, head strong, fun, very excitable, not afraid to be who he is. Sometimes these traits can drive one to pull their hair out. Sometimes these traits make one worried to go pick him up at school for fear of what he may have done or said that day, lol. Just the other day he turned around and yelled, "STOP saying that!" to a kid who was telling his mom that Zane tried to put pretend handcuffs on him during recess. And I mean yelled. He just doesn't know how to control it all yet. But at least he's not worried about how he looks, he wants to make friends and have fun. He likes to just walk up to whatever kid is walking into school and start talking or trying to play. I know he'll probably grow out of this out-going-ness, that is if he's anything like his mom and dad, but wouldn't that be great if he never did grow out of all those things that make life fun? To never get disappointed with life? Just to learn to curb all that enthusiasm and determination but still live life fully. I don't guess a mom can ask more than that.

This was made using Studio Calico's Continental kit.


  1. I love this one - I hope you are submitting it somewhere! And...thanks for the kick in the pants - I got the 'ole blog updated!

  2. Awesome layout for an awesome dude - don't you just love little boys? I am in awe of my son on a daily basis. I loved that SC kit and how you used that split paper - brilliant.
    How cool that you do the houses too - you'll have to send me a photo of your install - I'd love to see it. If it's anything like your pages, it should be amazing. We ususally travel in October, too and then I really dread putting them out. This year they are out early so we can enjoy our hard labor.
    Thanks so much for adding me to your inspo list Brianna - I am so honored to be there!

  3. he is too cute not to scrap! :D tell him i said HI!

  4. OK...I missed it and my heart is breaking. I am so happy you got picked up. Yay!