Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some serious scrappy sessions

Have been going on in this household. Adam says it's been intense. I'm just kinda like that. I don't want to make anything for a while, just read or walk in my free time, but then I get the urge and go no holds barred for a few days. Here is the first page for your consideration : )


I just love it. It's wicked busy but I don't think I've ever had so much fun making a page. I just loaded it up with stuff I love and didn't worry about not making it busy. And it came together so quickly. This is about all the totally cute things she does. This page ended up being pretty special with all that journaling.

 This is about my son's first day of school. I made this page back when this kit came out, oh like in Feb. or so and was saving it for his first day. The first photo is the finished product. The second photo is the one I thought I was done with but after I photographed it I realized it needed more pops of red. I think it's interesting to see the comparisons. His first day was a non-event for him. He's already so used to school - last year and summer fun thing - that it was just like going back.


The next one, it's kind of modern and vintage at the same time. All the circles were cut by hand without trying to be exact. So that part wasn't as hard as it might seem. I have a thing about connecting circles - sound weird? I bet you understand. This is Ava on our little vacation. I did not pose her with those sunglasses on either as adorable as she looks, she wanted them, lol, just like her mama.

 The next one, I've had the idea in my head since this Hambly transparency came out. Just never got to it. It's a white overlay on cream paper. It's hard to photograph that subtle color difference and the reflection the transparency gives off. I was wanting to do all blue and white, but it just needed some red. Just a bit. This is about how thankful I am to have a daughter to do things with since I did not have a mom to experience all those things with when I was little. So I guess the journaling is pretty special on this one too.

And this last one. Oh this baby has been haunting me for about a year. I'm kinda ashamed and astounded at the same time to tell you that. I made the flowers when this kit came out at SC. I thought they were so special that I could not bear to put stuff on them that I didn't know was perfect. I knew I wanted to use these photos since they are the best of my daughter at that age that I have. But then I just didn't want to not do proper justice to them ; ) I just finally made myself do it. There is no pattern to the flowers, they are just drawn and cut by hand based on a pillow design from Anthropologie a few seasons ago. The stitched flowers are  just wild random turnings of the sewing machine then I watercolored them for subtle color. Then I went crazy going around them with more stitching to "connect" the pages. And yes, it took a darn long time ; )

Well, phew. Now that only leaves one page that is still unfinished that is really calling to me. I need to finish that and get started on a travel journal.   Ahhhh, to get all these pages made, photographed, and posted online. Sweet.


  1. these are allll so awesome, briana! LOVE! i LOVE the flowers on the bottom one... you ARE going to submit that for the stitching section for the march st call, right? right? :D

  2. wow - you have been one busy mama! these are all just fab - love the texture you add to a page! i spotted that last one this morning and had to ooh and ahh over it forever - the stitching is amazing!!

  3. I'll say...Holy cow! These are some seriously amazing projects. I am absolutely blow away by all the layers of detail and that flower layout - WOW!!

  4. Just hopped over to your blog from SC! My God, these layouts are so totally awesome!!! love all the details on them. And those flowers you made are to die for!!! You'll probably see them on a page of mine in the future!!! :)