Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vacation, first day of school, fall decorating

Not a very exciting title, huh?

We've been busy this summer and never really planned anything grand in terms of a summer vacation. So we decided to do our usual little getaway and take the kids to Dallas for a few days. We went to Six Flags, the Dallas Aquarium, and Great Wolf Lodge for the indoor water park. The 3 hour drive went pretty quickly with a newspaper and I seem to remember a small amount of singing.

So the first day was Six Flags. I'm from Oklahoma so I know what heat is ; ) We knew it would be hot. I even had these little water fan things that run on batteries for the kids but they were just no match for the temps. We spent a few hours there and decided it was enough. I was surprised in the amount of time we did spend there that my son was not afraid of the big swinging boat thing. I was. We missed the trolley back to the hotel and decided to walk what was a straight shot but Adam insisted on the wrong way and we had a slight detour (even though the way I wanted to go was right and I made sure and tell him about it). In 104 degrees I might add. Zane was exhausted before we even set out on the way back and Adam carried him piggy back or on his shoulders the full walk probably a little over a mile. We were cranky when we got back.

The next day was the aquarium. Zane was mad because we actually stopped to eat lunch in their restaurant before we went it. And it was the best meal we had while we were gone. I still fantasize about that taco salad. Anyway, he talked non stop about the crocodiles and sharks. We saw an anaconda and I actually felt sorry for the beast in the small cage he was in. The sharks were in a tank that made an arch over the walkway. There's probably a name for that. We stood/sat there for an hour watching all these different varieties of sharks swim overhead. He really loved doing that.

The last day of our trip we went to The Great Wolf Lodge since they have an indoor water park. We haven't been doing a lot of swimming so this was great excitement for my son. I was happy he was happy to stay in the little kids area and keep going down the same slide over and over. As we were leaving he remembered how the day before I said he could have a styrofoam sword. I was hoping he would forget that. And so you know how it goes with two kids - gotta have two swords. And they hit each other all the way home with them which would have been funny except my two year old couldn't decide whether she liked it or not, half the time laughing, half the time crying.

 So that brings us to the first day of preschool for my son. He went the same place last year so this wasn't an ordeal for us or anything. He was happy to go. And she's going to mother's day out two days a week. Here they are in front of our front door. I took his photo in the same spot last year. The idea is to do this every year to see how he's changed, grown, you know.

And fall decorating is in FULL swing around here. I'm not waiting any longer since we're going to be gone a week and a half in Oct. I got these cream pottery vases, glass vases, wrought iron candlesticks, metal pumpkins for outdoors, shiny pumpkins to update the fall wreath, three nice heavy weight amber crackle glass candle holders, more fall floral stuff including these orange seed pod things (in the vase in the dining room with stuff lined up to be hung on the wall), cute black metal three tier stand for 10.00 that will be perfect for Halloween cupcakes --- all for half price at Hobby Lobby. All of it. And well, pottery barn stuff too. I think I should call this blog "stuff lust". I'm joking, I hope I don't seem that shallow but . . . well . . . And a new dining table and chairs from Restoration Hardware (going in room below).We've only been living here a year after all ; )

Ava's been getting "dressed up" in her pretend heels, mardi gras beads, sunglasses, and hello kitty bag and saying she's going to work or to the bookstore (not sure where she got that one) and then she says bye bye see you later and gets on one of their toys with wheels and acts like she's driving off.

He's into building these elaborate set ups with caves, cages, castles, pirates, superheros, squishy snakes and bugs, those army guys from the bucket from toy story, and sometimes he throws one of her dolls in for good measure. Got to get some more pics of this - all the ones I have, he's either in his undies or they're blurry. 

Just a bit of everything.


  1. love seeing what you guys have been up to this summer, briana! i love decorating too... if only we didn't move every few years, requiring different furniture to fit in different shape/ size rooms.... sigh. one day. when we are old!

  2. 104 degrees. Whoa...I like it hot, but I think I would even be complaining. With saying that your trip to TX sounded like a blast. You need to come to MN, because the MOA has Underwater World complete with a tube water walkie thing. Nick, Jake and Em love that place.

    You have gotten me in the mood to decorate for fall. Too bad it is 1 in the morning. I hope this desire carries on to tomorrow. I am sure it will.

    Thanks for sharing your summer. I like seeing what all my friends are up to. Before I forget to mention...Love the photos and story about Ava dressing up. So cute! Makes me wish Em was little. Those were fun days. They are still fun, but different. could always have another blog called Stuff Lust. :o) LOL

  3. I knew I would forget one thing. The top photo where Zane is holding his lunch box is adorable. He looks so sure of himself and ready for school. Great idea on taking first day photos in the same location. I have been doing the with NJE, since they were itty bitty. Nick hardly fits in front of the tree anymore. he is surely headed to over 6 feet tall. Yikes!