Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lots of Halloween Goodness

 So, first thing. This is a mini book I made a while back to submit for Simply Handmade October 2010 and it was chosen! Oh I was elated about that. I put a lot of love into that little book. It was so much fun to walk into Hobby Lobby and see that issue on the rack and search out my project.

Second thing. Cute kids at Halloween. As you can see, Ava was a strawberry and Zane was Leonardo the ninja turtle. He was really excited about his costume and had already worn it some. He loved the little knives things. She didn't really care what she was since she's not into much character stuff except for Dora really (she still doesn't watch TV although I sense some princess love beginning). But she does kind of like Strawberry Shortcake so I suggested a strawberry from a catalog and she went for it.

Zane got mad when they had gotten their costumes on but it wasn't quite time to go yet. We went outside to snap some pics and he whined the whole time. So, we went a little early. I think we caught some of our neighbors before they were quite ready but I thought what the heck I hate to curb his enthusiasm much more. We did the trick-or-treating and got home and Zane wanted to try and scare the kids when they came to the door. But he was already stripped to his undies like usual so he had to yell boo from behind the stairway. Then Ava got in on it. And the trick-or-treaters thought it was funny.

Third thing. Halloween decorating. We didn't get back from Hawaii until the 25th so I never got much out. But then when we got back and I had not put my Dept. 56 Halloween village out, I was feeling bummed. Life is just too short not to enjoy special stuff like that each holiday. Only one small piece was broken and that was done by me. We pulled out all the Halloween stuff and did a marathon decorating session one evening. My son was beyond excited about all this. He was a maniac. I could hardly get one thing done before he was stringing something else out. We did a Halloween tree, put up the village, got out the electrostatic ball thing, the huge cat head, blinking ghost. He insisted we make a ghost from a toilet paper roll and toilet paper. So we did. Zane wanted to carry the cat head on his head into the house from the car and my dearest husband was smart enough to grab the camera and make him do it again. Is that photo not the coolest? Oh love that. Oh yeah, and earlier before vacation we made Halloween cupcakes and he went wild about that too. It's so nice to have a little holiday nut to do stuff with. So then on Halloween day we carved a pumpkin. Zane got cranky and whiney when I wouldn't let him use the tiny saw.

So I guess the only other minimally interesting tid bit about Halloween was that I bought a sack of Kit Kat and ended up eating 90 percent of the bag myself. And then I bought another bag. Ava liked the suckers the best. Zane just liked it all, especially the pop rocks.  Ava tried to sneak his pop rocks since she didn't get any. She would ask me to open them when Zane wasn't looking and i would say, Ava, those are Zane's and she would turn her head to the side and smile and lean in close to me and repeat what I would say in a whisper (a new habit of hers). I only gave in once. Oh I do so love Halloween, don't you?


  1. LOL i ate almost a whole bag of kit kats this yr too.. ah well, it was halloween ;)
    love the pictures, and that mini book rocks!

  2. that halloween mini is AMAZING. love the button cards that you included - so cool.

    fun halloween pics. =)

  3. Your little people are so cute! Love all the decorations and that cupcake tree! Fun mini too!

  4. LOVE that mini book! All those buttons...swoon! And the pics from Hallween are so darn cute! :)

  5. um.... halloween kit kat = my kryptonite.

  6. When I look at your photos of your Halloween decorating I know how I want my home to look, but fail. Can I just move in with you? You made your home so festive and your kids will remember that forever. I love that Z was so excited for Halloween this year. The look on his face screams that waiting to go trick or treating is torture. LOL what cuties! Anyway...for last minute decorating you get an A+++.

    I love how you do a photo collage of all you have done. Speaking of photos, I love seeing your mini again. It is spectacular. Are you making another for this year? You should. :o)

  7. Fabulous mini Brianna! I wish I could do those but I really suck at it! And your decorating! WOWZA - and that isn't even all your decorations?? Oh my!!!

  8. I'm way late commenting her but I just want to tell you how awesome I think that book is - so deserving of a pub!!
    And I love your Halloween decor - especially your spooky houses on the orange etegere - fabulous!!