Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Decor


I always keep a wreath on my front door because it's a pretty simple door and the trim frames the opening just right for a wreath. It was time to put the snow wreath away (a little too prematurely since it's snowed two days in a row) but it wasn't time for a spring one yet so I needed a Valentine's wreath. I wanted a big roses heart but I've never seen one. I set off looking for a large heart shape wreath form but couldn't find one. Hobby Lobby had their flowers on half prine so I bought a lot of red roses bushes and got them home and had to improvise.

I started by taking a large piece of cardboard and drawing one side of my heart, cut it out, reversed it, traced the other side on another piece of cardboard and cut that one out too. I had to hot glue those two pieces together then cut several pieces of cardboard to reinforce the original heart. I went around the entire thing with florist wire for a little more stability. Since I had the same red paint from my front door sitting right there in my garage I decided to give the cardboard form a quick coat of red paint in case I had some holes from the roses (but I did not so this may have been a wasted step).

I cut all the heads off the rose bushes leaving about 4 inches of wired stem and wired three together at a time. You have to take your needle nose pliers and bend each rose head at a 90 degree angle so that when you wire your bunches down the roses will set up straight. And leave long wire tails after the bunches are tied together so you have extra to tie them onto the form. Here's where the pliers are indispensible because after you have twisted the wire once, take your pliers and twist a few more times and it makes the tie very tight and secure. I think it took about 30 bunches of three roses to make the wreath and then I filled in with about 5 single roses with hot glue to fill in a few gaps. You can see from the shape, how it is mounded so to speak and not flat how the wiring of the bunches makes all the difference.

I love it. I don't think I could have found anything this pretty in the stores. And now i want to keep in in my house for me and not outside for my neighbors ; )


We also made paper Valentine's ornaments for our little white Valentine's tree. I used my Cricut to make them. I don't have many cartridges so all these hearts/swirls were made with two, Accent Essentials and Plantin SchoolBook which are both pretty basic. I let the kids glitter them then glued several of them back to back with pink yarn between for the hanger. Michael's had some glitter foam heart shapes that went perfectly with our project - those are the smaller hearts you see.

And finally, just some sweet photos of the kids dressed up for Christmas Sunday 2010 and a family picture.

And does anyone know how to fix the spacing on blogger? Does it drive anyone else crazy when you can't get your photos properly spaced with your text? Ugh, what is the deal with that? The preview shows differently that it does in the compose area.


  1. Love, Love, Love your valentine decorations!

  2. Oh my goodness that wreath is amazing!!!! Your children are sooooo cute too! Lovely photo. Caroline x

  3. The spacing stuff drives me nuts!! Wish I knew the answer.
    Love your decor and your kids are just adorable!

  4. As always, I love your seasonal wreaths. The heart is fabulous. I wouldn't want to share it with my neighbors either. LOL Love your family portrait. Such a beautiful family. ♥

  5. Your wreath and Valentine deco's are beautiful! I definately would not want to share with the neighbors either!