Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jenni Bowlin's Online Crop

Jenni Bowlin and the designers at JBS Mercantile held an online crop this weekend. I participated in 5 challenges - and all in two days, phew, that is major for me, major I tell ya! I made a page for Wilna's 1 hour challenge. I thought it was going to be sketch and I had my photos and kit all laid out and ready and then she said to make a page with your favorite quote. Blood pressure increasing : ) I guess it took me 5 minutes just to pick a quote. That project I am not sharing with you today : ) It wasn't bad for 1 hour with no clue on what to expect. But still, as Valerie says, I don't want the "scanners" to think that's what I think is quality work, lol.

So the first challenge I did was Dina's about me challenge. I started out misting then I put it on charcoal and nothing was making me happy. Too many muted colors. I didn't like it until I decided to add the washi tape and touches of deep pink - that made it come to life I thought. And since it needed a little more funky I tried to make the journaling a cool-ish design element.

So it says, not in this order (and I'm thinking about adding, "I don't watch TV"): 

I am a Christian. I am left handed. I was raised on a farm.
I have a degree in merchandising. I love to decorate, especially seasonally.
I lost 53 pounds between Sept. ’08 and June ’10 by learning to eat properly, walking, and doing pilates.
I am a mom. I have a son, Zane. I have a daughter, Ava. I am a homemaker.
I am married to my high school sweetheart, Adam, for 10 wonderful years.
I love to scrapbook.
I love to read. I’ve read 29 books in 9 months. My fave book is The Pillars of the Earth.
I collect many vintage things: mirrors, plates, costume jewelry, ephemera. Old stuff is the best stuff.
I drive an H3 that I love.
I always have my camera in my handbag. My handbag is always Coach.
I don’t care much for cell phones.
I love floral patterned paper.
I will be 31 on March 21, ’11.
I think these are probably the best years of my life.
I want to be a more spontaneously creative parent.
I want to spend time with my grandparents while I still can.
I went to Hawaii for my 10th anniversary and it was the best trip of my life. I love old movies.
I blog at

The second challenge I did was Lisa Dickinson's turquoise, brown, and ivory color combo challenge. This was indeed a challenge for me for some strange reason. In Lisa's example she had all turquoise and  brown but her daughter was wearing pink and the photos just really popped that way so I decided to use these pics of Ava wearing a pink coat in the snow. I used my Cricut for the damask element inside the JBS die cut. I thought it might be overwhelming but I ended up really liking it.

She did not like her first snow. She didn't like it touching her shoes. She lasted about 5 minutes then we went in and watched Adam and Zane build a snowman from the window.

The next challenge I participated in was Rangini's bingo card challenge. You had to use at least one bingo card and a punch. I don't know how I ended up with Christmas but I did. I guess that was just where my vintage elements led me. But I like it! I've seen Rangini and Keisha both take a circle punch and just punch out the edge of a piece of paper so that's where I got my circle punch idea.

And finally I squeezed this one in at the last (Keisha's garland challenge) and it only took me a little over an hour!

So there you have it. I'm glad I participated in the challenges (wish I had time to do more). I just can't believe I made all these in two days. Yeah, I admit, we had take out a few times over the last two days : ) And thank goodness for the crock pot.


  1. Wow, I love what you did for the challenges, they are equally gorgeous!!

  2. these are all amazing as usual Briana but that christmas card is so out of the box its my favorite.

  3. These are gorgeous. I love them so much & congrats for participating in the challenges! I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I do this.

  4. Wow, definitely impressed you completed all those and they're are just beautiful to boot!!

  5. Great work!! And I love my crockpot on scrappy days!

  6. these are all gorgeous, but i think the last is my fave!

  7. Briana, holy cow. All this beauty in two days. I did one tiny layout this weekend. One. LOL Honestly, must I say it....submit them all. Especially the one about you. It is amazing. And yes...add you don't watch TV. That is a rarity and speaks volumes about who you are. The picture of you in the chair. Honestly, why did you never consider modeling? You still can. Get on that, will you? Man, I need to move in with you so your creativity rubs off on me. Can you add a mother in law suite to your home? I will provide free babysitting service. Think about it.

  8. Your work is gorgeous!! I can't believe you got all that done in such a short period of time!