Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Side By Side

This is a page I made about how quickly time passes and how I remind myself all the time to enjoy the little moments. Cliche sounding? Yes. But oh so definitely true. These pics show the kids in the same pose but two years time difference. And these photos are real gems too because he isn't usually lovey dovey with her. I remember a quote I heard once, "With kids the days are long but the years are short." That's true too but it's getting to where the days aren't even long for us anymore now that they spend so much time at school or mother's day out or speech or dance or going back and forth to Carnegie. I wish I could freeze them right where they are forever, they're so innocent (overall, I mean), they always want to be with me, they're just happy (when not in tantrum mode anyway).

I made this page using a lot from Studio Calico's January kit. I added all the vintage stuff, most of that from Paper Valise or Ebay. I do adore the metal/beaded bouquet at the top.

Also, as you can see I'm working on a new blog look. Work in progress, bear with me. I got the header (wish I could get that thing centered) and the vintage typewriter from Shabby Blogs. The little metal rimmed tag is by Michelle Underwood. I noticed in the header I got from Shabby Blogs the  little banner looks like Michelle's as well, don't know how that works but well, I'm just trying to give some credit here.


  1. That page is making me tear up because mine are just like yours - and your quote is so true. I know my days of being 'needed' are numbered and I'm hanging on for dear life. It's a beautiful page and I'm feeling inspired to make one of my own :)
    Blog is looking great Brianna - love the clean design. I'm not familiar with the other person's banner but I love the way yours looks.

    Re: the embossing on my card, yes, it's the dots. (I recently discovered white embossing powder and I'm in 'over-use' mode - lol) And, regarding the scanning - I'm guilty of doing it myself sometimes ;)

  2. gorgeous page - i'm totally loving the new blog look, too. hoping you get it just the way you want it, soon!!