Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Valentine's Happenings & February Life

So, a little late on this post but so what right? This was without a doubt the best Valentine's Day of my life. I've never liked Valentine's much. Neither has Adam. I think last year we just agreed not to do anything. I know how boring that sounds, but wait, we made up for it this year : )

For starters, one day on the way home from work, he went out of his way and fought traffic and went downtown-ish to a great florist called A Date With Iris on Western. He ordered a very modern arrangement for my first Valentine's surprise.

Adam took me to eat in our neighborhood's new restaurant, The Rose Trellis. It was pretty nice. I already knew he had a very very special gift for me because he can't keep a secret. He had been fishing around for too many details of what kind of ring I might like so basically the cat was out of the bag (and he had planned for my grandparents to come up and stay with the kids). We went out onto the terrace and I opened the gift, which had been wrapped by the jewelry store and had been sitting in my kitchen for an entire day tempting me. I knew I was in for something pretty fabulous. And I opened it  . . . and I was in awe. I just couldn't stop smiling. My 10th anniversary ring was to die for! He had spent a long time picking out the perfect ring and they had told him I could bring it back and exchange it for something else but there is no way in the world I would dream of it. He was so proud of the job he had done and so was I. He spoils me rotten for sure and I love him. Hey Adam, if you're reading this ; ) I love you! (sorry to be so mushy girls, but, that's what Valentine's is all about right?).

So, a Valentine's tradition from my father-in-law . . . The Giant Candy Heart. Several years ago, even before kids, he started going down to the drug store and ordering a giant chocolate heart for my mother-in-law and I for Valentine's day. When Adam brought it home this year I knew the kids were going to get a kick out of it.  We ate almost all of it in no time. I always get the caramels. Adam gets the dark chocolate. Ava wanted the strawberry. And Zane, well, he just didn't care as long as it was chocolate ; )

The prerequisite holiday cupcakes. I find a way to fit cupcakes into my life. Next is St. Patrick's cupcakes. I like this tradition, don't you?

This is Ava before mother's day out on Valentine's Day. It was pajama day and she had just gotten her Valentine's surprises from me. Pic #2 - just combin' some pizza, you know. What a love bug : )

And this is just a cute pic I wanted to include. Zane is 5 years old. I feel like before I know it he will be too old for stuffed animals. I was never really into stuffed animals so I don't know how long it will last. But anyway, he sleeps with all these things: Blankie, Tiger, Bob the Dino, Shark (whom he just took to the pre-k "Pet Show" and won sharpest teeth - Zane was so proud - even let all the kids try out the puppet pocket part), Turtle, Alligator, & Octie (hmm, not sure how to spell that one). When we go back to Carnegie we take many of these fellas with us. Blankie and Octie have been around since he was born and Tiger since he was 2. So I just wanted to get a picture of him with his friends before I forget and he gets too old. He's at such a sweet age right now.

Pics of the fun they got to have as a result of our February snow storm. You won't see Ava in any of these photos because she has a snow aversion. We had to watch from the window.

What Grandma and I are working on - a quilt for Ava's room. Well Grandma is. I just helped her cut it all out. But I did a good job, those squares are accurate, now. And well you know, that MUST be an important job.

And finally a pic only the scrappy girls will appreciate - huge piles of color sorted ribbon. I got tired of my ribbon all being on spools. It just didn't look pretty that way and I think I wasn't giving a lot of it a chance to be loved thinking half of it looked dated - how can ribbon be dated I asked myself? I spent one evening taking it all off the rolls. I put it all in iris containers by color for now. I will never know who the maker of it is now, but so what, at least I will use it better this way.

And one more thing, I never wished my fella a happy birthday in January. Happy 33rd Birthday!


  1. Love your photo essay (and that red etegere in the first photo is making me swoon - love it against that gorgeous wall color!) Happy 10th Anniversary to you and your hubby. What great pics Brianna - thanks for sharing them!
    (Oh, and my son is 5 and still all about the animals, too - it is a sweet age :)

  2. Fun read! Love Ava's quilt - that is going to be gorgeous!

  3. So many cute photos in your post today!
    And can I just say that is the biggest candy box I have ever seen! :)

  4. That is the biggest box of chocolates I have ever seen! Will have to look for that next year. The kids (and hubby) will love it. And the quilt is beautiful.

  5. wow what a box of chocolates!! love the quilt colours, gorgeous ;o) such a fun post.

  6. I loooove that quilt!!! Gorgeous! Sounds like you had a terrific Valentine's Day! Thanks for sharing your pics!

  7. i adore the quilt - can't wait to see it finished!! great pics.

  8. That quilt is going to be fabulous! Love the colours!

  9. what a valentine, eh? He's totally a keeper.. i love guys who love their wives! tell him I said he has done a great job and good luck topping this next year :P

  10. I love how you recap a month. February was a good one! That box of chocolate is hilarious. Bigger than Z and A together. LOL Love the photo of you and Adam. You two are beautiful together and it is awesome to read about a happy couple and how much you both love each other. I will have a smile on my face for the rest of the day knowing my friend is happy.