Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ava!

My little sweetheart turned three toward the end of March. This was the morning of her birthday party. The theme was Strawberry Shortcake.

She looked so pretty. Doesn't she look like the sweetest little girl? She really is. Yeah, I coordinated her outfit with the party : ) All the way down to the adorable strawberry hair bow. I know I'm partial but I think she's just so pretty! Inside and out.
 We invited all the girls from her mother's day out class. Three girls were able to make it. I had all this outdoor stuff planned with bubbles, and sidewalk chalk, and the playhouse all cleaned with new play dishes, and silly string, and a duck pond game planned. But the weather did not permit that stuff. So, good thing I had a few back up games planned. We did pin the strawberry on the vine, toss a toy till the music stops game, and then the duck pond game in a plastic bin inside on the tile. And that was the perfect amount of stuff to do anyway for that age range.
 So look how cute this cake was! I've always made Zane's cakes but something about the time of year of Ava's b-day, I haven't made the last two. This one came from Homeland and it was only like 29.00 I think? A few days before my hubs had ordered my birthday cake and it cost about 2 times that, didn't taste as good, and wasn't as pretty (the thought that counts - not knocking that, I loved that he did that for me - I'm just making the point I am so impressed with my Homeland cake : ) Ava loves it when people sing the birthday song to her, even when it's not her birthday. So we were all singing to her and she was smiling and when we got to the part - happy birthday to YOU - she yelled, Avvvvvaaaa!

And this photo is before everyone got there and I was singing the birthday song to her to get her to smile for photos and after each song she would say, yeeeeaaaa! and clap.

Her special friend came. They play so well together. They were playing the duck pond game and out of the blue, with everyone around, Ava stopped playing and looked at her and said, "I love you, M."
 Her brother also came since he's in Zane's class and their good friends too.
We opened the gifts from the girls while they were there and saved the family gifts for later but by then Ava was wiped out and didn't even want to open them. I even saved a few for later when I thought she would be more excited (Tutu, new polka dot lunch box and backpack, and hair bows (she really liked the hair bows)). See how zoned out she looks. Her favorite gift was the little plastic hot pink dress up shoes from one of the girls - no surprise - she looooves to walk around in little plastic heels. Or her tap dance shoes.

The cutest thing I made for the party was three fabric banners. I was so proud of myself. I cut and sew all the time on paper (obviously) but not usually with fabric. I was feelin' confident in my rotary skillz though since I cut out all the squares for Ava's quilt. So anyway, I went to the fabric store and just started grabbing random fat quarters of light pink, red, strawberries, lime green, soft green, you get the idea. I made a pattern of a banner out of paper and cut it all out with the rotary cutter. I had some wide polka dot grosgrain ribbon and laid the banners out in the pattern I liked then fabric glued them to the bottom half of the ribbon width. After the glue dried I took it up to my sewing machine and folded the other half of the ribbon down and sewed the ribbon closed. leaving long tails to tie to stuff. I was so happy with it. My MIL thought I bought it : ) Now I'm going to use them to decorate her room. I also cut and glittered some strawberries with my Cricut and arranged them on a pink Christmas wreath. I got a ton of stuff at Dollar Tree like these little straw bags with ribbon handles for party favors.
 Since our family was there we hung out all afternoon and then went out to eat together. It was a very nice day. But I am glad the pressure is off me now! I don't have to put on another shin dig until November!

Just one more . . . the kids with our fur beast.


  1. Adorable cake, adorable decor and most definitely an adorable birthday girl!

  2. oh that cake and the so pretty not to mention your sweet DD. what a wonderful party.

  3. What a cute party! She is so adorable! I love the banner and that cake looks so yummy!!!

  4. she must have felt like a total princess briana, what a beautiful party.

  5. The cake is beautiful, the banner and photos are very nice. Happy Birthday to the lucky young lady!