Sunday, April 3, 2011

One Page & Two Piggies

This is what happened today:

I got this page completed. I had this one setting around from before my JBS gig. I am always so inspired by what Geralyn Sy does with circles so I had to give it a go. Cut with Cricut.

The kids were complaining about being bored. I turned on the bubble machine. We let them mess around a little with the sprinkler. They had popsicles outside. While their dad and I were inside making smoothies (we have a picture window in our kitchen) Adam said, "Look what they've done!" And this is what they had done:

Two little piggies in a mud puddle. They were taking turns rubbing it in each other's hair and on their backs.

Happy Sunday : )


  1. LOVE this layout, briana! lovely. ugh. the mud! my boys did that one day.

  2. Thank you! You inspire me too, Briana! I love your layout and those super cool circles :)

    Woah, that is a whole lotta mess! Eeek, mud.