Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Is Me At 5, Zane's page

I wish blogger had better photo quality. If you want to see these in better quality and larger, please click on "see my gallery" and it will take you to my 2 Peas gallery. Anyway, this is a page about a few of the things going on in my son's life right now. I have a lot more I need to put on another layout but since I wanted to use large pics I had to limit what I said on this particular one - just got to make another : )

But so I don't forget: Happy Meals and roast are his favorite foods, he still cries sometimes before bed just cause he wants to keep playing and gets mad when he has to go to bed.

The things I talk about on this page are how he is going to speech therapy for a frontal lisp which isn't too bad bust still, he has a hard time saying his S sound at the end of a word, like cookies - he wants to put  his tongue out in front of his teeth for the S sound at the end. He really like his speech therapist so we are going along good there. He's struggled a bit with his ABC's. He's just not into it. He wants to hurry onto other fun things. His dad has worked a ton with him lately and we think he's got about half of them down (upper and lowercase) and we still have all summer to get the rest down before kindergarten. He has learned how to play the old Sonic and Bonk games on our Wii. He really loves to do that. And my favorite item of the list is drawing. He is really pretty good for a 5 year old. He's better than I was and I was always considered good at that by the kids and teachers. He was sick for several days and I set up the ottomans with a tray, stickers, paper, crayons. He sat there and watched Chip and Dale or Duck Tales and would draw the scenes he was seeing - like he would draw some figures and they would be going down a road, then a curve, then a trap, then a gate, then a pit. He loves to draw. He brings us papers over and over and over and each time we have to listen to what is going on in the scene and act like they are a big deal - which they are and we are happy to oblige. He called the area I set up for him his "kid desk" and he wants to keep it there for all time. And it's still there : )


  1. Very cool, letters, design, banners. Love it!

  2. great memory keeping briana, love the colors and the banners.