Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coloring Easter Eggs 2011

Ugh. I've made the switch from Windows to Mac. It's been easy on the operations end but then I was trying to do CS5 and finally gave up and bought PSE 9 (thank goodness I got a super sweet deal on CS5). I have the book for CS5 and now I can take my time and figure that out while I get back to business with my pics. And I'm still going back and forth between Windows and Mac cause there's still so much stuff I need on my old computer and then I can't even remember how I've been doing things for the last two years! Frustration. That and the fact that my old computer won't stay on without being plugged in and gives me a warning message each time I open it and I have so many seconds to click to skip some kind of test thing it wants to run each time I turn it on - which is often since it dies each session. Computer troubles - we've all been there : ) Adam's was infected with a virus this week, like they thought it might be fried and the Geek Squad had to work on it. They had to run some kind of scan for like a day.

So anyway, these are obviously our coloring Easter eggs pics. I wanted to add the pics of them in their Easter clothes but man, this has to be good enough for today! : ) She had the prettiest solid yellow dress. But anyway, again. Zane wanted to double dip his eggs and at first I tried to get him not to cause I didn't want them getting all mucky looking but that's what he wanted and that's the fun of it - so, in the end he came up with the coolest colors. Ha - got one over on mama. He had one that came out blotchy and olive green so he called it the Ninja Turtle Egg.

And now I'm patting myself on the back just cause I got this far. No, no, I'm not cause I just realized  I put 2010 on my collage and not 2011 - eye roll.

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  1. Good for you! I went Mac and never looked back. You'll get the hang of it sooner than you think.
    Love your pics. Your kiddos are so cute :-)