Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Summer So Far . . Dallas Trip

Day 1 - Six Flags. First day of our vacation in Texas at Six Flags. The weather was warm but not hot which is why we tried to go ahead and get down there before summer really got going. We got all lathered up with sunscreen and headed over (from our hotel, kids were so cute pulling their little suitcases, mama wants to remember that little tidbit, bear with me). Adam had bought valet parking and that was really nice - we just pulled up and got out. We started out in Looney Toons land. We rode a little ride first to get warmed up, the little muscle cars then the bus then the hot air balloon ferris wheel. Ava wanted to ride it all and did without much hesitation. So then we decided to try the little Looney Toons roller coaster and she liked it! She started giggling and yelling, "bubelagey," a crazy thing Zane made up from Bugs Bunny. Of course Zane liked it too. We rode it back to back.

Zane kept on and kept on whining about boat rides and at first we said no we were going in order but then we decided it wasn't worth listening to him whine and said okay. We walked and walked and when we finally got to the ride we discovered it wasn't there anymore. So we kept on and finally found the big huge raft rides. Adam didn't want to ride cause he didn't want to get wet (really? at Six Flags? Not get wet??) but all the rest of us wanted to so he was vetoed and we did. Zane and I got soaking wet and he giggled so hard when it happened and the more the other people giggled and carried on so did he and he would point and laugh and talk to them like he knew them! So funny, so not like me or Adam. 

We stopped to get hotdogs and chilli cheese waffle fries. The picture looked so tasty but the fries we got were old and hard. Big bummer when you pay so much for that food. So both kids were getting tired at this point and we made a few pit stops and persuaded Zane to come on and find some new rides. We went over to the Spanish land thing and found the log flumes. We were all able to ride together. I went the first time but it kinda hurt my neck for some reason. The kids wanted to go again so I waited at the end and was able to snap a great pic of them coming down the waterway. Zane wanted to ride the roller coaster one more time so we walked around and did the carousel on the way. We rode the coaster three times in a row since there wasn't a line and we could just keep on going and going. Then we got ice cream that was ridiculously priced - 18.00 for three little cups. And it wasn't even that good.

Oh, it was a long but good day. Zane said his fave was the log ride and the raft ride. The kids were getting worn out but no major melt downs although Ava came close at the end. It was so nice to walk out there and our car be sitting right at the front waiting for us cause at the end of a Six Flags day, man, you're just draggin'.

We headed for Great Wolf Lodge.  We got there and went to the restaurant and ate out on the balcony. The kids kept fighting over who could stand in which spot on the balcony. Kids melting. They got wolf ears with their meal and Zane started howling (and he's still wearing them around the house acting like a wolf - won't talk, only pant and shake his head - who knew these would be so handy! - I'm joking). It would have been fine but there was another family out there so he had to chill after a few howls. Zane got his customary piece of cheesecake for dessert (like the night before at the first hotel. As soon as we set our bags down he was like, how 'bout gettin' some food delivered to the room? Like cheesecake? And we got it).

Days 2 & 3 - Great Wolf Lodge. I asked Zane what he remembered most he said, "The big slide, the drain, when we went down backwards, and that pool with the floaties (the lazy river)." What I can remember: the fact that I hated to hang out in a bathing suit for two days in front of people (but I had to, for the kids, you know, the sacrifices we make! Ha!) and that the Pizza Hut pizza there was the best ever! Adam and I are still talking about it : ) I also think about how cute my daughter was in that little kid pool. I didn't think she would do the slides and she did. Over and over. Watching that little girl run up those stairs (frequently cutting in line) and down the slide with a smile on her face and being so excited to see me at the end, oh it was darling. She kept yelling, I do that blue slide agaaaain! Last year Zane was like that and in just 9 months she was like he was and he had moved on to the big kid's stuff. So I stayed with her in the little kids area and Adam and Zane did the rest of the stuff.

Adam and Zane went to do the rafts that go down the slides. They were doing the big one for quite some time until a new lifeguard came on duty and said Zane was too short. So they had to do the medium slide, which was still a lot of fun. We went to watch them come down and they came down backwards and both fell off and Adam kind of had to grab Zane (even though he had a life jacket on) and help him and Adam's glasses were gone (yes, we both know and agree, what a dork for wearing his glasses and not contacts - he forgot). So they spent some time trying to find them in that rushing water but it was impossible. We actually lost Zane for a few minutes despite our super parent efforts thanks to Zane's total independent head strong craziness (oh total heart stoppage freaking and telling yourself not to panic) and when we found him he had been asking strangers in the lazy river if they had seen any black glasses near the drain. Adam went to the car and dug his contacts out and we forgot all about it. Then later they went back and someone had found them in all that rushing water and set them on the table! Yeah, this might not be riveting reading for you (I know you're just scanning the pics anyway), I realize, but, well, it's my blog and that's the way it is (I'm joking).

Day 4 - The Dallas Aquarium. Weird note - I did not super coordinate our clothes - my only thought on that was to not put Ava in pink - kinda tired of scrapping pink so much. So we spent our last night at the Westin (got a bit of shopping in at the Galleria - Gymboree - everything 12.99 or less, oh yes. And PB where I got a new navy quilt and blue and cream striped beverage dispenser. Oh yeah, and we ate at Grand Lux Cafe and ate waaaay too much. Beignets, need I say more?) and got up the next day and headed for the aquarium. Adam and I didn't really want to do this but that crazy kid remembered the aquarium was in Dallas that we went to last year and insisted we go again. So we did. I have to say, if you go to the aquarium in Dallas, eat in the cafe there and get the taco salad - oh the best ever. Getting that taco salad is a new tradition for us (this is my best memory of that day!). Oh and another thing you should know is never go there on a Saturday! We had to go through that place in a line practically. But it's a neat place. I always feel a little sorry for the animals, but, back to the trip. 

Zane says his favorite part was the sharks and the snakes. I asked Adam what he had to say about it and he says we just have a generally good time each time we go (hmmm, I'm glad I'm the one doing the journaling here ; ) but he's right). I asked Ava what she remembered about the aquarium and she said, "sharks are dere and stringrays are dere and squirrels are dere." Yeah, lol, cute but unreliable - no squirrels and she's just repeating Zane. I liked the stingrays for Zane cause they had them in a tank without a top you could look down in on them. Then we hit the gift shop in an effort to coax the kids out of there (does that make us bad parents?? - ha). Ava got a pink manatee and Zane got a hammerhead shark for his sea life stuffed animal collection.

So then we were going to head home. But . . . I had to run in Ikea real fast first! And I really did go fast. I had to get some more containers for my scrap room (going to post some detailrd storage pics very soon) and some more wooden hangers (I feel very pampered having all matching wooden hangers in my closet. There are just a few totally little things in life that make me feel great, that is one of them).  So THEN, we started the drive home. With lots of candy. We ate at Wayne's Drive In in Lawton when we were almost back to Carnegie. And that's that. Good trip had by all : )

Their Fave Color Teacher's Gift Baskets

And well, if you are here for crafty reasons and you just had to scroll past all that, how about a little something you might be interested in? These are the teacher's gifts I made for the end of the year this year. I asked Zane's teachers what their favorite colors were and did colored gift baskets for each one. They each had a little flower bouquet, a pair of flip flops, an insulated cup, candy in sacks to match the basket colors, and gift cards. I tied ribbons on the sides of the handles and then they had the baskets to use as well. They seemed to like them - I know I would!

Just for fun, here is the stuff I got at Pottery Barn (all images from Pottery Barn):

And that's all folks!


  1. How cool that you guys get to take these family trips and have such a great time. Loved your pics, thank you for sharing the trip and the memories with us.
    Your teacher gifts are soooo pretty! Those are lucky teachers ;-)
    Please take me shopping with you? That drink dispenser made my heart skip a beat.

  2. Looks like y'all have been super busy and having a blast! Great photos!
    Love the stuff you got a PB!