Tuesday, July 26, 2011

JBS Mercantile August Sneaks & More!

This kit is a must have, ladies, really, I'm not just saying that either! So far I have six singles and a double page layout made with the kits! I got the main, artisan, and project kits. The exclusive medallion stamp makes my heart sing! Take a look at the JBS Inspiration Blog to see how the other team members have used it so far. Get it! Do it! : )  The August kit goes on sale midnight central on July 31st! So that's midnight, central time, on the last day of the month (I like to think of it that way) - so rolling into the first day of the new month is when you can buy it, well, kit subscribers get first dibs for the first day. So if you aren't a member - just be one! Do it! LOL, I 'm joking with yall today. 

 Also, if you have a lot of summer fun stuff to scrapbook you may want to check out the special issue, Scrapbooking Tips and Tricks: Summer Fun & Travel, from Creating Keepsakes, and well, I also mention it because I am happy to have two projects in there! I have our Hawaii 2010 mini album in there (and it's not just a "regular" mini in terms of construction) and a double page layout. I haven't seen this issue in Michael's or Hobby Lobby yet, although I haven't looked in the last two weeks, but it is available at Scrap and Paper Shop, for $6.99, which is CK's online magazine store. Here is a sneak peek from CK. It really is a great issue, just got mine in the mail. And here is a sneak peek from me:



And finally, this is a page that was featured in the Cricut Birthdays Idea Book, on sale here. This great book has been on the stands for a while so I am sharing my page here today. I know there is a notion that Cricut stuff is all cutesy but it can be much more. If you haven't looked at an issue of the magazine, next time you're at the craft or book store, just pick one up and give it a browse.

This was a special page for me because I remember that moment so vividly. It was her second birthday and it's like it finally dawned on her that all the excitement, family, cake, presents, happiness, was all for her. We were starting the birthday song and she had her little hands up to her chest, it's like she was thinking, "it's all for me," and her eyes were just almost watering and she was so happy. This layout is about the moment she realized it was all for her.

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Such a sweet layout! Getting my first JBS monthly kit in Aug, can't wait. I'll be stalking your blog for ideas, thanks for the inspiration. ~Lori

  2. gorgeous layout! those sneaks look BEAUTIFUL!!!
    (this is mandie btw. it will only let me post anon! annoying!)

  3. I love the story behind your girlie's LO. Got me all teary eyed. Beautiful.
    Your peeks are wow.

  4. Beautiful peeks and layout!! :)
    And congrats on being in the CK Tips issue.
    I am looking forward to getting that one :)

  5. Your layout and story behind your girl's birthday is so sweet. Congrats on being in the CK mag...I need to go look for that issue! Looks like there's some great stuff in there :)

  6. I saw your peeks on JBS and knew it was you. AND not only because I saw Carnegie written. I am so excited to see them in their entirety. I know I will love them even more. Congratulations on CK! I am heading to Archivers tomorrow and I hope they have the issue. A's birthday layout is gorgeous. Love how you used the Cricut. It's perfect. Just a side note: A is beautiful. Just like her mommy.