Thursday, August 11, 2011

What we've been up to late summer edition

We wanted to go on another little vacation this summer but with all the going back and forth to Carnegie it just didn't happen. We had a fun day where we went to the Oklahoma Science Museum. The kids loved that. Zane really liked playing with the water table thing where you control the current with plastic dams. He also liked the little firehouse and spinning down the pole. After that we went to eat and to watch the movie Smurfs which I didn't really care for even though that was my fave cartoon of all time. Too many close ups of Gargamel or that Patrick guy I maybe? : ) Wish I could have snapped a better pic of the kids in front of that yellow wall. You can see Ava trying to make herself smile.

Our hometown main street

The kids at my grandparents' house

 They always talk her into going to Dollar General to get a toy.

This summer we've been spending about two days at week at our hometown so my husband can help his dad at their family's business. That's about 1.5 hours away so to write about what we've been doing this summer and not include lots of car time wouldn't be right, ugh, as boring as it sounds ; ) The nice part about that is that my kids spend at least one of those days at their grandma's house (where they love to play with her Beagles) so I get a free day. Twice the kids didn't want to come home and they spent a few days at grandma's (both grandma and great-grandma) and Adam and I came back to the city a lived it up! We ate at Mahogany twice, went shopping, watched old movies all night. The other nice thing about going back to our hometown is that the kids' great-grandpa has an indoor swimming pool so we do that once a week.

Zane still goes to speech once a week. If he does well and cooperates at speech he gets a Happy Meal. Ava went to 3 dance classes over the summer. And he just looks so handsome in this photo. We were taking turns taking pics of each other.

Right now the kids love to dress up. Ava switches out her dance outfits and swimming suits all day. Recently she's been wearing Zane's Woody costume and her Strawberry shortcake costume. Zane wears his Batman pajamas, his Ninja Turtle costume, and now his "lucky hat."

It's been wicked hot and we're in a severe drought, record breaking for lack of rain and heat so we've spent a lot of time indoors. So there's been TV. Zane's been watching He-Man, Arthur, and Inspector Gadget.  Ava likes Angelina Ballerina.They've been playing outside in a kiddie pool late in the evening with the spray hose. They've been painting. She's been play doe-ing.

And just normal, everyday stuff here. Like super messy offices. But that's okay cause that means there's work to do. That's what we say anyway : ) One of my main jobs in the day is to keep the kids out of his office while he works.

So. The school supplies have been bought. Now my mission is to get the family back on a normal time schedule, which is dang near impossible. But I  must prevail so Zane won't be a monster at kindergarten. We found out a few weeks ago that his school is going to full day. I'm thankful for that - will be better for him.

And finally, you might like to check out the gallery update at JBS Mercantile. Doris updates the gallery on the 10th of every month. And all this  month is back to school month at the inspiration blog. I've got a layout and a project, a home decor idea, scheduled near the end of the month.


  1. Nice busy Summer :-) Zane has your eyes exactly. Both those kiddos are so cute.

  2. love seeing all of your summer doings! :)

  3. I love that I now have a photo in my mind of what your grandparents look like. I've heard so much about them that it is nice to "meet" them.