Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zane's 1st day of Kindergarten & giveaway winner

Zane's first day at Kindergarten

Thankfully we did a pretty good job of getting the family back on a normal time schedule, Zane had enough sleep, and was only minimally hard to wake up. He complained about having to wear denim shorts instead of sports shorts. After asking two times he agreed to let me take some pictures. He was quietly excited about going to kindergarten that morning. I think he was thinking and wondering what it would be like. We told him about all the new friends he would make. Being a kid with no cousins or other kids his age in his life, he loves to be around other kids. This year he gets the choice of lunch room lunch or packing a lunch. They were having hotdogs and he was looking forward to that. I reminded him several times to be nice to everyone, do what the teacher asks, and all will go well. 

When we got to the school the parking lot was already crammed. People have to park along the curb, sometimes the line extends out into the road. Zane and Adam had to get out of the car and walk for it. Amazingly, I soon found a parking spot and Ava and I went in. It was nice because for the first 30 minutes or so all the kids and their parents stood around in the classroom so the teacher could talk to us. She seems to be an excellent teacher, what an answered prayer! She's got a great personality. At one point, Zane raised his hand while she was talking, and knowing he didn't need to go to the restroom, I kind of gave him a look like, not now. Later he said he was going to tell her his cat scratched him on his hand, ha ha. He wanted to sit next to the kid with the Transformers backpack. There were two girls from his pre-K class and he was happy to see them. They read a story which got some giggles out of him. Overall, he seemed quiet, like he was just trying to take it all in like all the other kids. He came over and barely gave us a hug when it was time to leave. I said bye but he was already busy checking out the toys.

We got there to pick him up and he looked worn out. He was tired! I talked to him a little in the hall and he said he had a good day but, "it's been a long day." I had a drink for him in the car and he said, "Thanks, Mom!" He told us they talked about colors. 

So the deal was he could get nunchuks, you know the little plastic kind - he's been into Ninja Turtles, if he did well at his first day of school. I wanted to treat him after a stressful, in a good way, kind of day. We went, didn't find the nunchuks, but got a space station (which is much better anyway). But while we were there, he dug rocks out of his pockets and handed one to Dad, me, and Ava. He had picked those up on the playground to bring one to us. He was thinking of us on the playground. It's not the first time he's done something like that but I sort of figured he had outgrown that. I am so glad he hasn't. My heart just melted over that. And he had one for Ava too.

Written the morning before school began:

Yesterday after we went to the open house at Zane’s school I was thinking about how only 5 short years ago, my son was born. Most moms look at their baby and think, someday he will leave for kindergarten, and for me, that day is here. I was standing there in the kitchen thinking about how even before Zane was born, for two years, we prayed for a baby. God gave us that baby two years later, five 1/2 years later now he’s heading for school. 
I thought about how quickly childhood passes and wondering if I was doing my job. It’s my job to make sure they have a fantastic childhood, one they will be happy to think back on all through adulthood. I was wondering if I should be more exciting, read more books, make sure and say yes more than no or we could try, instead of that won’t work. 
I was feeling sentimental about it all day and after Zane was asleep I went into his room and leaned down by his bed and stared at him sleeping for a long time. He’s so beautiful when he’s asleep. I wanted to hug him. I wanted to just scoot him over and lie down by him for a time while he was still and quiet. I kept thinking someday he won’t be little like this anymore. The time is going to fly by even faster now. 
The next morning the alarm went off. Ava walked into our room. Zane had crept in in the middle of the night and went to sleep on the pallet we keep on our bedroom floor for him. They both crawled into our bed. I thought about how someday they would be too big to want to do that, that I should cherish these moments. I looked over at them and the morning light was coming through the window so perfectly. I went for my camera like usual. Zane was already being wild and rambunctious. They were already wiggling and calling silly names. I snapped a few photos of Zane smiling with his mouth open, being rebellious like always. Then he started hiding under the sheet. But sweet Ava continued to stay put and smile for me. They are so different but she tries to be like him. 
I wish I could say we stayed there like that for a while. But the kids were getting loud and ready to get up and start the day’s antics. It was time to get up and get breakfast. It’s a shame those precious moments, when you realize the beauty of life in an instant, right in front of you, they just don’t last long enough and it’s back to reality. I wish I could slow those beautiful moments down. I tell myself, enjoy your family now, don't get stressed out, make the most of it. 

Last Night:

Last night I was desperate to cook something we hadn't had in a while. I decided on party food: sausage balls, little smokies, white cheese dip, and fruit salad. This made Zane crazy happy and kept talking about the party. Then he got the idea to try and lure me upstairs to scrapbook and I heard him whisper to dad they were going to make a party for me. So I went along. When they came to get me I came down and acted surprised. They had gotten out all the left over plates, hats, and napkins from Zane's b-day party and set it all out on the table. We wore alien hats. They had a yogurt stick on my plate. Later, Zane went into my closet and got a snake print pair of high heels out, cut pink wrapping paper, held it together with mini clothespins from the drawer, and brought it to me in the scrapbook room. I acted excited. He told me I could trick people with the shoes by just sticking the tips out from the bushes. Then I got house shoes with a green Christmas bow. I write about all this to remind myself how sweet he can be. He and I have been pretty close lately and that makes me so happy. He's been listening to me so much better. Maybe that's because he's growing up? I don't know but when he does stuff like that, my heart just almost bursts. 


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Sharyn S. said...

What a beautiful kit! I have so many favorite Jenni Bowlin products but I think my absolute favorites are the Bingo cards and her inks! Thanks for the opportunity :) -Sharyn


  1. How cute. That's always such an emotional day :-)
    Love your pics.

  2. OK...the rock part of the day would have totally done me in. What a sweetheart! Glad the first day was good. I think that teacher really needs to know his cat scratched him on the hand. LOL His teacher is going to love him!