Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oh yes, even more pages with JBS Mercantile

Ladies, can you believe I made 9 pages with this kit?? Doris and I had a little competition going to see who could do more and I'm happy to say we tied (cause I really thought she would beat me)! Betsy has vowed to give us a run for it next month so the competition is going to be tough. Anyhow, without further ado, I bring you . . .

1985.  There's probably something from all three kits here but the main things are the Julie Balzer chevron stencil and the Jenni Bowlin Studio foam seal stamp, which are both from the Artisan Add On, which is still available (the main has sold out). I just couldn't let this kit get by me without doing something messy and paint-y with that stencil. I loved loved that thing! I used it on several pages. On this one I wanted to use it in all it's glory as the full background. I masked off part of it with easy release tape. Some of the paint is just plain acrylic and some of it has modeling paste mixed in. The modeling paste gives you more texture and makes the lines more crisp where the plain acrylic seeps a little and gives you a more messy look. I spread all the paint with a palette knife and let the colors mix a bit on top of the stencil while spreading. After it dried I misted a little with white mist and splattered some green paint. Gosh, I love this one. And I'm so proud of myself for using kraft! Kraft is hard for me, I don't know why, I adore the way it looks when my fave scrapbookers use it. Maybe this layout is the the beginning on the road to recovery of my lack of kraft usage. 

That there sweet little girl with a mullet is me! Ain't that sweet? Just precious, I tell ya. LOL. That's my grandpa and I outside my great grandparents house at my Grandma Kate's birthday party in Eakly, Oklahoma. My grandpa and I were very close, I've probably already told you he and my grandma raised me. Notice my shirt has a chevron on it . . perfect, I didn't even plan that.

Oh, one more thing, that background paper with the text is from a Feb. '09 kit, I think. But really, any old paper with writing will work just as well. The cream ric rac is also from my stash. 

Now I bring you, Sunday Lovely. This was just a regular Sunday on the way to church. The kids looked so cute and were acting so silly so I just whipped out my handy point and shoot from my handbag and snapped some pics. Notice my man carrying my bag while I snapped pics - real men carry Coach dontcha know? Zane's expression in the middle photo cracks me up, he looks so proud to be takin' a pic with his mama.

I suppose this one is a bit self explanatory but the first thing I did was take an exacto and cut out the embossed area of the paper and scoot it over to reveal patterned paper beneath. I used JBS seed packet and lemon drops mist on the foam seal stamp. And when I say mist I mean I used Jenni's re-inkers mixed with a small amount of water in little sprtiz bottles from Hobby Lobby (back in the paint supplies section). Did you know the foam stamps would take mist so well?? I used chili powder for the seal stamp in the 1985 layout. Man, it does a great job! You can mist it and stamp or you can mist it then take your finger and spread the mist out evenly for a really solid image. I suppose the foam's so dense the mist doesn't really soak in.

So, I still have a double to share with you at some point but I want to wait until after it's been featured in Issue 2 of the Mercantile Gazette where I'll share with you the inspiration for the page and some tips on how I did it. So be on the look out for that sometime later this week.

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  1. Absolutely fabulous! I love the fun and messy feel of the first layout. That stencil is AMAZING! :) I love how you moved over the die cut part of the paper on the second layout...awesome idea! Can't wait to see that have totally rocked everything with this kit! :)

  2. I'm crazy about every one of your pages this month!

  3. I love how you used different colors with the chevron! The layout is amazing!!!

  4. absolutely love the paint and paste technique! can't wait to try it!! your pages are awesome!!!

  5. Love all your work this month! You+JBS= perfect match!!

  6. this is BAD!! lol.. i need that chevron stencil NOW! heeehee... and 9 pages? you ROCK, Bri! *hugs*

  7. Congrats on your krafty endeavor! Loving those pages, especially how you used Julie's stencil. Gorgeous!

  8. Briana, I started commenting on these layouts yesterday and words eluded me. Yes, that is a good thing. The use of the chevron stencil is amazing. Love that you did a layout with you and your grandpa. Love that you were so stylish back then that you knew that when you scrapped the page one day in the future chevrons would be THE thing. LOL In regard to both layouts, love the bits and pieces that you put together. You make it all work and you make it look effortless, but if I had done it it would have looked like one hot mess. I like that.