Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just Life and a JBS November Sneak!

Well, I've been missing on the blog for a while cause I've been busy making stuff! Like a crazed crafty mad woman! Coming up I have the November JBS kit, my November JBS blog assignment, and something really special for Tuesday! I hope you'll check back in!

So I bought a face painting kit at Michael's because Zane had his face painted at the fair and thought that was so much fun. Plus Ava is going to be Ariel for Halloween and I wanted to do something cute in addition to the mermaid dress so I'm going to paint some swirls on her face. As soon as Zane saw the kit he started asking for me to paint their faces. Like non-stop til I caved. You can tell he loves this. And look at Ava's torn butterfly wings, lol, she still likes them! Although I did buy hew a new purple pair off Etsy.

Here's a pic of how I have my mantle decorated for Halloween, well, for fall in general kind of. You can see I put my new vintage sign right up there in a place of importance.

And the bookcase. I had the back of the bookcase painted the darkest shade of gray in my house and I love that I can do white on white and it all show up.

And finally a sneak peek of the JBS Mercantile November Kit! Ladies, this is my new fave. My new all time fave kit ever! You really really need Antiquarian this time. You do! Coughsilverfoilleavescough. As of right now I have 4 pages made, one in the works, ideas for several more, plus a little project with Antiquarian. My friend Louise has asked me if we are on the challenge to see who can make the most pages and I am definitely game for that! Now the question is, is Doris in the running?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Simelle's Paper Party Winner!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner, we have a winner for Shimelle's Pretty Paper Party!

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2011-10-21 17:58:56 UTC

And that is:

CraftyCat who said:
My favorite paper is My Mind's Eye Lost and Found 2 Sunshine Forever Dotted and I would use it to line Party Favor Bags. and even make matching name tags for the table. LOVE

I'll be sending your email address to Shimelle, CraftyCat!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

December Guest Designer for JBS Chosen From Crop!

I just wanted to give you all a quick update on something about the crop. I just learned from Doris that we will be choosing a guest designer for the kit club for the month of December from the crop participants! What a great opportunity! I was the winner in February for April's guest spot and I was elated! Come play along for a chance to be the JBS Mercantile guest designer for December! What a fab opportunity if I do say so myself!


Get your scrap on at the JBS Mercantile ScrapFest!

It's time for Scrapfest at the Mercantile! The fun gets started tonight, Thursday night that is, at 9 pm central time with an online chat. We'll be posting challenges tomorrow and throughout the weekend. I thought the last crop was so much fun and I got a ton accomplished! Please come join in! Oh yeah, door prizes too!

Betsy made that cute blog banner - she's so good at that! Anything creative!

Don't forget the drawing for Shimelle's paper party will be tonight so get ta commentin' if ya goin' to : )

ETA: Doris said there will be a guest designer chosen for the December Mercantile kit from the crop! I won the one we had in April! And that was so exciting! So come on a play with us for a change to win the guest design spot!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Peek of the papers used for Shimelle's Paper Party!

Hey ladies! I just wanted to share with you real quick the papers I used for my layout for Shimelle's Pretty Paper Party. Okay, you can tell, I LOVE floral patterned paper. I like it in all scales, colors, styles, yeah, you get the picture. So here's all the paper I used! Oh yes, all of it --- and I tamed it! I really hope you will be able to join us for the class. Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY for the class pass on my last blog post!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Shimelle's Pretty Paper Party & Giveaway!

There are online classes for everything these days, and Shimelle has been teaching online scrapbooking classes for years - but she's decided it's time to kick it up a bit and go from online class to a four-week online party, and you're invited! 

Pretty Paper Party is the party to attend if you have a collection of paper stacked up for a rainy day, if you have more scraps of paper than you know what to do with (but you know you don't want to throw them away!) and if you've ever put a piece of paper back in your stash because it was just too special for the photos at hand.

Through printable prompts and tutorial videos, Shimelle and dozens of special party guests will share beautiful and innovative techniques you can achieve with the paper you have already collected.

And guess what? I'm going to be a special party guest at the Pretty Paper Party! I'm so excited! I know Shimelle has some fabulous things planned and I get to be a part of it! I hope YOU can join in too!

And guess what else? I'm giving away a class pass for the Pretty Paper Party!

All you have to do is leave a comment and let me know what's your fave pretty paper and how you could use it to decorate for a party. If you've already signed up for the class and you win, Shimelle will refund the cost to you or you can give your free pass as a gift. I'll draw a winner Thursday night around 11pm central time. Please leave your email address in the comment section. If Blogger is acting up please leave a comment using the anonymous choice and leave your name in the comment area.

So, class started today but as with any good party it's okay to arrive fashionably late.  The class has no deadlines and everyone receives permanent access to all the class materials, so anyone can RSVP to the party at any time!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's The Great Pumpkin, A Bit of Shopping

He saw these and said, "Cool, look, it's witch's skin!" Witch's Skin Pumpkins - I like that. He said he wanted the pumpkins that looked creepy.

 This is the best I could get out of Miss Photogenic.

This huge, gigantic pumpkin was Adam's idea. He wanted that. He also wanted to pick it out. Zane wanted to pick it out but the kid in Adam ended up picking it out instead. We also bought little pumpkins for half of Zane's class, the half that hadn't brought one in yet. Zane got a "firecracker," whatever that is, and hugs from the kids. He was proud.

 Here's Ava the next day sitting on the ginormous pumpkin before mother's day out. You can see the gourds we got and painted like snakes in the bottom. Why didn't I get a pic of them doing that, I have no idea. Why didn't I get a pic of him today, on orange day in Kinder, I don't know. He had on an orange hat, shirt, shorts, and orange and brown shoes. And I have no pic. I'm thinking a re-do might be in order.

So anyway, that was our impromptu visit to the pumpkin patch this year. You will notice they don't have on cute matching fall pumpkin picking-esque clothes : ) Cause it's real life, baby. Lol, I'm joking, wish they did have on super cute matching fall pumpkin-esque picking clothes.You will also notice our pumpkin patch isn't really a patch but a place right smack dab in the middle of the town, like I said, real life. Ha.

So I might as well confess now. My Oct Daily has now become my Autumn Highlights. Just can't keep motivated for the day by day thing. I'm glad I got a reality dose of that before I tried to take on a December Daily.

Hey, and rejoice with me that Zane has got green all week long so far on his behavior chart!

**************************PART II: Shopping**************************

Got this in the mail today:
From Kaisercraft. From The plan is to make an Advent Calendar. 25 Boxes.

From Cavallini & Co. From Two Peas. LOVE THIS TAPE! Five individual rolls.

And finally . . . drumroll, please . . . Two Peas has new Jenni Bowlin Studio!

New alpha stamps, days of the week stamps, reproduction cigar boxes (not wooden), a really cute vintage number set of cards, and the black/red extension paper!

Gallery Updates at the Mercantile!

Head on over to JBS Mercantile to read about the details (that is if you like it ; ) ) and see what the other designers have added to the gallery. You must check out Betsy's updates! I loved the Sparklets so much I ordered them in almost all the colors. But the one Jenni put in the kit is my fave. I used them here as berries. Thanks for stopping in today!

Friday, October 7, 2011

October Days 4 thru 6 & Movie Clips

He looks like such a little prepster here.

These are photos for Oct. 5th.  The kids were both at school today, Ava at her bi-weekly mother's day out and Zane at school. The real story of today is the way my kids acted at their photo session. I've told you before how Zane turns in to a wild man around our photographer, Anthony. I have to admit, Anthony is fun and likes to laugh and wants it to be fun for the kids. And I like that. But Zane reaaaaally likes it and starting hamming it up so bad it's hard to get any pics of him in the right pose/angle without his head back, mouth wide open laughing as hard as he can. Then when Adam stands behind Anthony and starts acting like a monkey and all that to make the kids smile, well, they just go ape (ha) acting the same way. Even Ava who is usually such a little sweetheart got in on the insanity and started acing like Zane. He just would not be still. Twice he refused to hold Ava's hand and she kept grabbing for his hand and it made me sad. I think we probably got some fabulous shots, especially of the kids smiling really big, but I still was disappointed in the way they acted. A few times we had to practically drag them away from the side of the pond. Zane wanted to throw mulch at the ducks and Ava kept picking of handfuls of sand and throwing it in the water. I mean like she got obsessed with doing that. My patience lasted for quite a while because I was totally expecting this (not so much from Ava) and then I had had enough and we did not go to The Cheesecake Factory and they had to come home and eat a ham sandwich and go to bed. I also took his Power Ranger costume away because he threw a fit about wearing a tie and talked back and tried to make me mad in the car all the way to the photo shoot. He's certainly a strong willed child. I hope I don't regret not making them matchy matchy. I had on a mustard sweater and Adam had on "spice tin" blue (that's the color of the JBS dark blue ink ;) ). 

So, moving on. Day 4 will be a photo of Ava at the table eating breakfast and one of Adam surprising us and bringing home Krispy Kreme donuts. I'll spare you that excitement. 

Day 6. No photos were taken of day 6 pretty much because it was identical to day 4. So I think day 6 will be my fave Halloween movie and that is this:

Young Frankenstein. Gene Wilder is hilarious! I even like Cloris Leachman in this. You just can't stop smiling with this one! Have you seen it?

This one might be fun for Halloween too:

Dorothy McGuire plays a lady who is mute and there is a killer on the loose who targets physically impaired women. She works at a home where she thinks she's safe however, the owner who is a bed ridden old lady forewarns her that the must leave the house, she must! I was on the edge of my seat a little on this one trying to figure out just who was the killer. What a suspenseful ending! October is really a fun month to watch Turner Classic Movies. 

Nothing like a creepy movie to get ya in the Halloween spirit!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Beginning the Oct Album, Days 2 & 3

Okay, so here's a few rough photos of the start of my October Daily Mini. I'm using a 4" circle album from the JBS Mercantile Dime Store Kit. I still need to add the journaling and embellishments on the days I've done so far. You can also see some of the vintage bits I'm going to use. I would really like to figure out how to type text in a circle for this. Anilu, are you out there? : ) And I need to update and journal before I forget! So here's that:

Day 2: Sunday, going to church. We got off to a rough start because Zane was super cranky. We were outside taking some pics and Zane threw a little soft dodge ball at Adam and when Adam picked it up and threw it back Zane tried to dodge it while standing almost on the step, tripped over his own feet and crashed the side of his face onto the cement. He cried. He got mad at Adam. His face was really red and I was afraid we were going to have to cancel family pics. On the way to church Zane started saying, "Children obey your parents," in a smartie voice, not sure if he was being funny or real. I looked at Adam and was like where did he get that and Adam said he's been helping him memorize some verses. Ha, might know he taught him that one first! In the car he showed us the picture he drew of Jesus on the cross. On the way back he said, "Be ye kind one to another," and "Even a child is known by what he does whether it's good or bad." I just could not believe he had memorized these! Also, Zane is in this, "Stop taking my picture" phase so if you notice Ava more in this album you'll know why. I'll just have to get a little sneaky.

We spent all afternoon at home. The kids played and Adam put together an Ikea TV stand that's been in a box in my dining room for like 6 months. Ahh, yep, I told you that.


Day 3: I had to drive all the way down to Reno to exchange a pair of J. Crew kids pants. Then to the mall to buy the kids shoes for family photos. Then I went to get Ava at school, drove her home real fast, change her into her dance clothes, drover her to dance, we went to the grocery store (where she rides in the green car and looooves to help me, each time getting out of the car/cart to get what I tell her), back home to take photos of scrapbook projects and write blog posts. Adam went to get Zane at school. Adam also cooked most of the dinner, tacos, while I finished my scrapbook stuff. That was sweet, really. He tries to help me like that all the time. He also cleaned the kitchen. I am a lucky woman! : ) Adam read to the kids (Note: take that photo for daily) while I worked on more scrapbook stuff. Hmmm, sounds like I need to stop the scrapbook stuff, lol. Adam said Zane knew all his sight words. Zane got a green at school today which means good behavior all the way. Here I set in Ava's bed while she falls asleep (she still sleeps in her crib, she loves it!) writing this blog post and Adam sets in the hall outside Zane's room and reads while Zane falls asleep. The end. Maybe we will watch an old movie tonight. The end again.

P.S. Today Ava's teacher asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said, "I'm NOT growing up!!!" Ha! She said that because I'm always teasing her telling her not to get big. She also said her fave color was black and fave food was spaghetti both of which are absolutely not true.

Oh yeah, and I made this tonight:

Oh yeah, and my Gone Junkin' mini album was the featured project at 2 Peas today!

And I'll have two layouts on the JBS blog tomorrow. 

Is that enough? Seriously, stop it now? Okay : )

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gone Junkin' Mini Album for JBS October

I made this using Jenni's project kit. Hey, look how my shirt matches the My Mind's Eye striped paper! Only a scrapbooker could get so happy about something like that : ) But I do admit telling myself to wear something with fall colors that day! Anyway, this kit is sooo cool. You can use the album horizontal or vertical. I chose to distress the cover or mine but I thought it would look so pretty painted solid cream too. I painted my cover black and brown then sanded it off, then used a brayer to paint dark yellow then light gray. I used a brayer because I didn't want to lose those dark wood grain lines I had made with the black/brown paint. But since they were a little too bold I used some mist and metallic spray paint to soften them a bit. If you would like to read more about it, click here, to visit my gallery. And check out the other designers' galleries if you haven't yet (but I know you probably have if you're reading here) - so inspiring!

Other JBS products I used but aren't included in the kit are: black doilies, lace stamp, & the label stamp set.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Daily: Day 1

This morning we got out the Dept. 56 Halloween Village on our dining room table. Zane was all gung ho. It's a balancing act to get the stuff out, keep him busy and feeling like he's helping without him breaking something while I'm not looking. He wanted to set up all the little people first even though the big stuff has to go first toward the back. He had the fences all the way around the table before I could even start. Ava wanted to get all the little breakable stuff out of the boxes while I was working and keeping Zane entertained : ) Ah, fun times. They really were, I'm joking. We did different levels with containers all along the back covered with shiny purple fabric. For height in the back I had a glass lantern and Zane wanted to hang his Scooby Doo ghost inside it as a jail with a piece of string. I also used some old corbels, a wreath hanger with a sign, and a big, tall vase with orange leaf stick things.

So later this evening Zane tells me to come downstairs to look at something. He's made some improvements to the village, I see. Ninja Turtle is on the costume shop, Sonic tater tot dinosaurs are on Spinning Pumpkins, another tater tot, a bat tot, is on the Victorian House, and a blue Power Ranger is on top of Grimsly Manor. Oh yeah, and the red gummy snake amongst the trick or treat kids. I guess we'll be leaving those on there . . . for a few days at least ; ) I'm just really glad he enjoys it so much.