Monday, October 3, 2011

Beginning the Oct Album, Days 2 & 3

Okay, so here's a few rough photos of the start of my October Daily Mini. I'm using a 4" circle album from the JBS Mercantile Dime Store Kit. I still need to add the journaling and embellishments on the days I've done so far. You can also see some of the vintage bits I'm going to use. I would really like to figure out how to type text in a circle for this. Anilu, are you out there? : ) And I need to update and journal before I forget! So here's that:

Day 2: Sunday, going to church. We got off to a rough start because Zane was super cranky. We were outside taking some pics and Zane threw a little soft dodge ball at Adam and when Adam picked it up and threw it back Zane tried to dodge it while standing almost on the step, tripped over his own feet and crashed the side of his face onto the cement. He cried. He got mad at Adam. His face was really red and I was afraid we were going to have to cancel family pics. On the way to church Zane started saying, "Children obey your parents," in a smartie voice, not sure if he was being funny or real. I looked at Adam and was like where did he get that and Adam said he's been helping him memorize some verses. Ha, might know he taught him that one first! In the car he showed us the picture he drew of Jesus on the cross. On the way back he said, "Be ye kind one to another," and "Even a child is known by what he does whether it's good or bad." I just could not believe he had memorized these! Also, Zane is in this, "Stop taking my picture" phase so if you notice Ava more in this album you'll know why. I'll just have to get a little sneaky.

We spent all afternoon at home. The kids played and Adam put together an Ikea TV stand that's been in a box in my dining room for like 6 months. Ahh, yep, I told you that.


Day 3: I had to drive all the way down to Reno to exchange a pair of J. Crew kids pants. Then to the mall to buy the kids shoes for family photos. Then I went to get Ava at school, drove her home real fast, change her into her dance clothes, drover her to dance, we went to the grocery store (where she rides in the green car and looooves to help me, each time getting out of the car/cart to get what I tell her), back home to take photos of scrapbook projects and write blog posts. Adam went to get Zane at school. Adam also cooked most of the dinner, tacos, while I finished my scrapbook stuff. That was sweet, really. He tries to help me like that all the time. He also cleaned the kitchen. I am a lucky woman! : ) Adam read to the kids (Note: take that photo for daily) while I worked on more scrapbook stuff. Hmmm, sounds like I need to stop the scrapbook stuff, lol. Adam said Zane knew all his sight words. Zane got a green at school today which means good behavior all the way. Here I set in Ava's bed while she falls asleep (she still sleeps in her crib, she loves it!) writing this blog post and Adam sets in the hall outside Zane's room and reads while Zane falls asleep. The end. Maybe we will watch an old movie tonight. The end again.

P.S. Today Ava's teacher asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said, "I'm NOT growing up!!!" Ha! She said that because I'm always teasing her telling her not to get big. She also said her fave color was black and fave food was spaghetti both of which are absolutely not true.

Oh yeah, and I made this tonight:

Oh yeah, and my Gone Junkin' mini album was the featured project at 2 Peas today!

And I'll have two layouts on the JBS blog tomorrow. 

Is that enough? Seriously, stop it now? Okay : )


  1. How fun that you are doing an October daily!!
    Such a great idea!
    October is such a big month for us, too, because Evan loves Halloween.
    In fact, I need to show him the Halloween village from a couple posts down because he has been collecting those Halloween buildings from Michael's for the past four years!

  2. Love Love Love your October Daily. I'm sitting here reading your blog and am so motivated to do a daily. I can feel myself giving in and it is all because of you. Dang. ;o)

  3. Your October daily is awesome! Love love love that you chose to do it in a circle format and I love your progress so far :)

  4. You've been busy! Love the album so much!