Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's The Great Pumpkin, A Bit of Shopping

He saw these and said, "Cool, look, it's witch's skin!" Witch's Skin Pumpkins - I like that. He said he wanted the pumpkins that looked creepy.

 This is the best I could get out of Miss Photogenic.

This huge, gigantic pumpkin was Adam's idea. He wanted that. He also wanted to pick it out. Zane wanted to pick it out but the kid in Adam ended up picking it out instead. We also bought little pumpkins for half of Zane's class, the half that hadn't brought one in yet. Zane got a "firecracker," whatever that is, and hugs from the kids. He was proud.

 Here's Ava the next day sitting on the ginormous pumpkin before mother's day out. You can see the gourds we got and painted like snakes in the bottom. Why didn't I get a pic of them doing that, I have no idea. Why didn't I get a pic of him today, on orange day in Kinder, I don't know. He had on an orange hat, shirt, shorts, and orange and brown shoes. And I have no pic. I'm thinking a re-do might be in order.

So anyway, that was our impromptu visit to the pumpkin patch this year. You will notice they don't have on cute matching fall pumpkin picking-esque clothes : ) Cause it's real life, baby. Lol, I'm joking, wish they did have on super cute matching fall pumpkin-esque picking clothes.You will also notice our pumpkin patch isn't really a patch but a place right smack dab in the middle of the town, like I said, real life. Ha.

So I might as well confess now. My Oct Daily has now become my Autumn Highlights. Just can't keep motivated for the day by day thing. I'm glad I got a reality dose of that before I tried to take on a December Daily.

Hey, and rejoice with me that Zane has got green all week long so far on his behavior chart!

**************************PART II: Shopping**************************

Got this in the mail today:
From Kaisercraft. From The plan is to make an Advent Calendar. 25 Boxes.

From Cavallini & Co. From Two Peas. LOVE THIS TAPE! Five individual rolls.

And finally . . . drumroll, please . . . Two Peas has new Jenni Bowlin Studio!

New alpha stamps, days of the week stamps, reproduction cigar boxes (not wooden), a really cute vintage number set of cards, and the black/red extension paper!


  1. hey.. autumn highlights are great! you're doing awesome, mama. i love your photos!

  2. Those snake gourds are so cool!!! :)
    And I know what you mean about the daily albums.
    I started doing a December Daily a few years ago and it ended up just being a Christmas album.
    But I was ok with that :)

  3. I like real life. I like scrap life. I like however anything happens, because it is life. Thanks for sharing your photos of the pumpkin exhibition. I went with my cousin - no kids. It felt like something was missing. Then the squirrels ate my pumpkins, so I could do a re-do. And I did. HA HA HA I am very excited to see your advent calendar. VERY!

  4. That huge pumpkin is awesome! I just bought ours yesterday, I usually never wait this late. I am also diggin' that giant flower pot on you porch-gorgeous!!