Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just Life and a JBS November Sneak!

Well, I've been missing on the blog for a while cause I've been busy making stuff! Like a crazed crafty mad woman! Coming up I have the November JBS kit, my November JBS blog assignment, and something really special for Tuesday! I hope you'll check back in!

So I bought a face painting kit at Michael's because Zane had his face painted at the fair and thought that was so much fun. Plus Ava is going to be Ariel for Halloween and I wanted to do something cute in addition to the mermaid dress so I'm going to paint some swirls on her face. As soon as Zane saw the kit he started asking for me to paint their faces. Like non-stop til I caved. You can tell he loves this. And look at Ava's torn butterfly wings, lol, she still likes them! Although I did buy hew a new purple pair off Etsy.

Here's a pic of how I have my mantle decorated for Halloween, well, for fall in general kind of. You can see I put my new vintage sign right up there in a place of importance.

And the bookcase. I had the back of the bookcase painted the darkest shade of gray in my house and I love that I can do white on white and it all show up.

And finally a sneak peek of the JBS Mercantile November Kit! Ladies, this is my new fave. My new all time fave kit ever! You really really need Antiquarian this time. You do! Coughsilverfoilleavescough. As of right now I have 4 pages made, one in the works, ideas for several more, plus a little project with Antiquarian. My friend Louise has asked me if we are on the challenge to see who can make the most pages and I am definitely game for that! Now the question is, is Doris in the running?


  1. WOW! Love how you have it all decorated!!Can't wait to see your November layouts!! Love the sneak!

  2. Nice face painting! You did an awesome job. I think it is the cutest thing that Zane has lost his front teeth. ♥ You know how I feel about your decorating skills. I am still waiting for you to come and decorate my home. Yep....still waiting. LOL