Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Daily: Day 1

This morning we got out the Dept. 56 Halloween Village on our dining room table. Zane was all gung ho. It's a balancing act to get the stuff out, keep him busy and feeling like he's helping without him breaking something while I'm not looking. He wanted to set up all the little people first even though the big stuff has to go first toward the back. He had the fences all the way around the table before I could even start. Ava wanted to get all the little breakable stuff out of the boxes while I was working and keeping Zane entertained : ) Ah, fun times. They really were, I'm joking. We did different levels with containers all along the back covered with shiny purple fabric. For height in the back I had a glass lantern and Zane wanted to hang his Scooby Doo ghost inside it as a jail with a piece of string. I also used some old corbels, a wreath hanger with a sign, and a big, tall vase with orange leaf stick things.

So later this evening Zane tells me to come downstairs to look at something. He's made some improvements to the village, I see. Ninja Turtle is on the costume shop, Sonic tater tot dinosaurs are on Spinning Pumpkins, another tater tot, a bat tot, is on the Victorian House, and a blue Power Ranger is on top of Grimsly Manor. Oh yeah, and the red gummy snake amongst the trick or treat kids. I guess we'll be leaving those on there . . . for a few days at least ; ) I'm just really glad he enjoys it so much.


  1. I was just thinking today that I needed to get my Dept. 56 set up. That'll be on the list tomorrow. I love your set up. It's so much fun setting up the village with kids, isn't it? LOL Maybe parts, but I remember a few years of wondering why I didn't do it by myself. I love the additions Z made. I remember having a snoopy and elmo in mine for a couple of years. Fun memories!

  2. so fun!!! the power ranger on top of grimsly manor is the best! ;D