Friday, October 7, 2011

October Days 4 thru 6 & Movie Clips

He looks like such a little prepster here.

These are photos for Oct. 5th.  The kids were both at school today, Ava at her bi-weekly mother's day out and Zane at school. The real story of today is the way my kids acted at their photo session. I've told you before how Zane turns in to a wild man around our photographer, Anthony. I have to admit, Anthony is fun and likes to laugh and wants it to be fun for the kids. And I like that. But Zane reaaaaally likes it and starting hamming it up so bad it's hard to get any pics of him in the right pose/angle without his head back, mouth wide open laughing as hard as he can. Then when Adam stands behind Anthony and starts acting like a monkey and all that to make the kids smile, well, they just go ape (ha) acting the same way. Even Ava who is usually such a little sweetheart got in on the insanity and started acing like Zane. He just would not be still. Twice he refused to hold Ava's hand and she kept grabbing for his hand and it made me sad. I think we probably got some fabulous shots, especially of the kids smiling really big, but I still was disappointed in the way they acted. A few times we had to practically drag them away from the side of the pond. Zane wanted to throw mulch at the ducks and Ava kept picking of handfuls of sand and throwing it in the water. I mean like she got obsessed with doing that. My patience lasted for quite a while because I was totally expecting this (not so much from Ava) and then I had had enough and we did not go to The Cheesecake Factory and they had to come home and eat a ham sandwich and go to bed. I also took his Power Ranger costume away because he threw a fit about wearing a tie and talked back and tried to make me mad in the car all the way to the photo shoot. He's certainly a strong willed child. I hope I don't regret not making them matchy matchy. I had on a mustard sweater and Adam had on "spice tin" blue (that's the color of the JBS dark blue ink ;) ). 

So, moving on. Day 4 will be a photo of Ava at the table eating breakfast and one of Adam surprising us and bringing home Krispy Kreme donuts. I'll spare you that excitement. 

Day 6. No photos were taken of day 6 pretty much because it was identical to day 4. So I think day 6 will be my fave Halloween movie and that is this:

Young Frankenstein. Gene Wilder is hilarious! I even like Cloris Leachman in this. You just can't stop smiling with this one! Have you seen it?

This one might be fun for Halloween too:

Dorothy McGuire plays a lady who is mute and there is a killer on the loose who targets physically impaired women. She works at a home where she thinks she's safe however, the owner who is a bed ridden old lady forewarns her that the must leave the house, she must! I was on the edge of my seat a little on this one trying to figure out just who was the killer. What a suspenseful ending! October is really a fun month to watch Turner Classic Movies. 

Nothing like a creepy movie to get ya in the Halloween spirit!


  1. your children are adorable. i love the prepster pic and the one of the 2 of them. zane sounds like my jake when he was little. he is still stubborn and strong willed! ;)

  2. I'm lovin' that prepster pic!

  3. you're right! such a little prepster and so cute!! and i wanna send you some hugs!!

  4. Photos and kids. Yikes. Did I ever mention to you that I started going to technical school once for photography. My main goal was to photograph kids. That is until my first photo shoot with actual kids. LOL TOO FUNNY. I am sure you will get great photos from your shoot. The ones you will probably love the most will be the mulch and sand throwing ones. Hopefully!