Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving & Stuff

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We spent it back in our hometown with my dad and grandparents. Then we all got together for dinner and leftovers. Oh yeah, the kids wanted to go back to my grandparents house and Adam and I stayed and took a nap all afternoon! A nap! Food and sleep . . totally blessed :) On Tuesday we had a Cooperation Feast at Kindergarten for Zane. I volunteered to decorate and ended up being roped into serving pie seconds to all the kids. You can see a pic of him and his teacher together. She's really wonderful, I am definitely thankful for her. She's structured and yet very fun and she keeps him in line and also keeps his attention and respect. What a blessing. The top photo is from his Ninja Turtle Birthday Party (mine's the one on the left). I had it early so it wouldn't conflict with Thansgivings and Black Friday weekend stuff. So he's not technically six yet.

And this:
My Pumpkin Cheesecake. It't got two layers of cheesecake flavor, a pecan/graham cracker/gingersnap crust, and caramel sauce drizzled over big oven roasted pecans. Yuuuuuuuuummmm.

What Zane is thankful for:
You can see how he's sounding out words and trying to spell them! Serious progress for us, ladies! Very happy about this. He's got all the letters down, except maybe one or two that he sometimes forgets (like you can see he made a D for a Y - gets Y wrong sometimes), we're getting almost all the letters sounds down and he's sounding words out! Yes!

Nothing crafty to share today but I hope to be able to share the base of my December Daily when we get back to the city.

Oh yes, I wanted to share the Halloween costumes.
 Power Ranger

I asked Ava what she was thankful for and she said Santa Claus and shoes.  ; ) 

Finally, what I am thankful for. I'm thankful my grandparents are still healthy as they approach senior senior status, I'm thankful my family is healthy, I'm thankful for Zane's teacher and Ava's teachers, that we never have to be hungry or cold or hot, that we have a comfortable home, that we have two cars, for the JBS Design Team, all the creative outlet it provides and the new friendships I've made, I'm thankful we can afford little extras in our life, I'm thankful for make-up and hair color, lol, I'm thankful for my husband who started his own business and takes wonderful care of our financial stuff, I'm thankful he's been my best friend since I was just a kid practically, thankful for how close Zane and I have been lately, thankful for Ava's sweet heart,  I'm thankful no one had to work today and we could all be together, I'm thankful for my two silly cats. Finally and most importantly I'm thankful for Jesus who provides for us and gives us our blessings and peace.


  1. beautiful post briana. happy thanksgiving!

  2. 1-your cheesecake is making me crave some of the pecan pie in my kitchen. no bueno because it's only 8:30am!
    2-love the costume pics. i had 2 red power rangers - because neither was gonna let the other be the leader. no way, jose.