Friday, November 11, 2011

I love my daughter because . . .

This was a total, average, everyday kind of day. We were playing in the backyard. She was "busy" cooking in her playhouse. I can't remember if I went to get my iphone or she asked me to take pics. She asks me to take her picture alot. I think she asked me to. Just the other day she asked me and I took like 25 in a row, each time her changing her pose or expression just a bit. So she was running around and getting confused thinking I was videoing (is that a word?) her and I kept telling her to hold still if she wanted her pic taken. You can see the results. She's so sweet. I know you hear me say it all the time, but it's just so absolutely true that she makes me appreciate every single day and think about loving her as much as I can everyday. I love the last pic of us (even though my hair looks wicked) and I love that little die cut that gives the definition of a friend. I do think of her, and Zane too, as my little best friends. And I think she thinks of me as her best friend as well as her mama. Everyday I want to be her friend and play with her and make sure she knows how special she is. I don't want to waste a day of our special days together because before long my little friend will be at school full time. And slowly my little friend will become my big friend. 

I went to her parent/teacher conference for her mother's day out (she's three and goes two days a week until 2:30, not like a real conference but just kind of a little progress report) and her teacher went on and on about how sweet she is and is never a problem. She told me Ava likes to follow her around a be her shadow and give her hugs all day. I know how that goes :) She said the other day when Ava was the prayer leader she prayed and went on and on and after she ran out of things to say she started peeking and thanking God for each kid she saw. She said if she would've had a daughter that's the kind she would've liked to have. I just wanted to record that on my blog because it's such a part of who she is.

So finally, this is my contribution to the gallery updates at JBS Mercantile for November. This was made using the main kit and a few of the die cuts from the Artisan add on. I also used Jenni's new days of the weeks stamps with her Speckled Egg Paint Dabber. I love to use paint on rubber or acrylic stamp when the image doesn't have tiny details. I love the look of the paint kind of gathering on the edges of the image. The title block was cut with my Silhouette. After it was cut I realized the negative space block might be bolder and decided to go with that rather than the actual letters. I backed part of my phrase with black cardstock and part of it with some of the Speckled Egg paint on white cardstock to put just a hint of aqua onto the left side.

P.S. This layout was spotted and featured on One Story Down for Gallery Pretties. Cool!


  1. briana, those photos are darling. how adorable she must be!

    congrats on being featured!

  2. neat to be "spotted". tho I'm not a bit surprised. Your pages are awesome and I'm sure you will be "spotted" more and more as time goes along...I really enjoy the layouts of your beautiful family...

  3. Ava is adorable. I love that she enjoys having her photo taken and will actually pose for you. NJE run from the camera. Even bribing them with hundred dollar bills no longer works. Maybe it would have, if I actually paid them that at some point. HA! Anyway...gorgeous layout. I love the Silhouette die cutting and the week stamps. Perfect combination on your layout.