Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Deck The Halls!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la. Today I wanted to share with you some of my Christmas decorations. My favorite things this year are probably my vintage postcard stand and my vintage stand that would hold chips or something like that in a store. Christmas postcards and vintage Christmas ornaments were my first collections. You can also see the JBS bottles I made with the November kit in the big bowl. See that candle in the top pic? Those are battery operated candles and they're so nice. They're made out of real candle wax, they flicker very realistically, and they're on a timer. I got those from QVC here : ) It looks like they only have gold left. I have these all through my bookcase so at night I've got a few flickering candles in there. My mantel was a little of an experiment. Last year I had these cute vintage repro houses, they were bigger than the true vintage ones, and then holly and berries. This year I didn't want to mess with taking down the Chic-O-Line sign and thought it might be cool to do all silver and gold. Eh. Not sure. But it's how it's gonna be!

This is the "chips stand" as I call it. This is how I have my entry table decorated. Those stands were always so hard to get because any time I found one in a store it was display only. I think in all these years I've only got two of these, a large one and a small one. They might be easier to find on ebay. But they're so much fun to display your ephemera and small sutff. I have hankies, packs of vintage labels, a salesman's sample of Christmas tie ons, and cards. You can see some of the vintage goodies from JBS like that water ice pocket from the Nov. Antiquarian kit. LOVE that holiday brew label.

This is what's going on in my kitchen. The other day Adam want to Sam's to get batteries and came home with three huge Poinsettias! I had one last year on my table and it looked so pretty but I hadn't had a chance to go get one - I was so glad he thought of that! The next pic is my island. I got those faux Amaryllis from Target about two years ago. And the next pic is the little red feather tree I just got at North Pole City. I have a green one that is quite a bit bigger (and a white one too, tree color addiction, I know. Next year I have to get the pink full size one out). But this one is so little and cute! I think it's probably Bethany Lowe. Anyway, I knew I had the perfect little collection at home of really old ornaments, all red, and very breakable that I don't put on the big tee and I thought that might look pretty sweet. It does. P.S., new back splash tile in my immediate future! Oh yeah, baby.

I just got these super cute boxes at North Pole, by Bethany Lowe.

Here's a pic of part of our tree. Our tree is tall and slim and hard to get a pic of the full thing where you can see any details. The kids put their ornaments along the bottom part then I have my older ones on the higher areas. But I don't have a ton of room for the ton of vintage ornies I have.

But here's a REALLY pretty pic of some of them in the box, lol!

And this is my dining room table with the sunshine pouring in on my crackle glass Restoration Hardware ornaments. I know I should have cut the gold cord hangers off but I was too scared I might need them later : ) Ava and I spent some time hanging these on the metal spiral tree stands. Those are from Crate and Barrel. 

Sorry I've been missing from blog land but I've been very busy making some crafty things to share with you soon! I have ideas for two more posts before Christmas so maybe there will be some action around here. I hope your holidays are going wonderfully!


  1. oh briana, it all looks so gorgeous and festive! i love that post card stand and all of the vintage ornaments and your christmas tree and your kitchen is beautiful.
    i just love it all! can i come over? please!!

    merry christmas, briana!

  2. Oh my I would die for all those decorations. Exactly my style & so very Christmasy! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  3. I just spent that last ten minutes saying oh my lord. My reaction describes your decorating perfectly repeatedly. Briana, your home needs to be on the cover of a interior decorating journal. it is beyond gorgeous!

  4. um, drooling over the bitty peeks of your house;-D