Friday, December 23, 2011

Makin' Christmas Cookies & Happenings


We've made the requisite Christmas cookies (thanks to Doris for the nudge on that! Don't ask her if hers are pretty or not, she's got a chip on her shoulder about it, LOL, I am SO joking, she's the best and I'm sure they were cute!). She gave me the idea to make them. I already had all the stuff to decorate them from planning gingerbread houses. They turned out so cute, even the crazy kid decorated ones. Too bad I didn’t figure out the perfect thickness to roll them out and length of time to bake until the last cookie sheet load. I used this recipe, The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies. So my tips are to make sure the dough is really chilled, make sure to flour your surface well (I did mine right on the granite counter), roll to 1/2" thickness, only bake 9 minutes. I also think this recipe needs another cup of sugar but that's if you're doing colored sugar sprinkles only and not icing. Otherwise the icing makes them sweet enough.

This is their reaction from watching their Portable North Pole videos. If you read Ali Edwards' blog you've probably already read/heard about it but that's where I found out about it. SUCH a cool video. You can make one for naughty or nice kids or naughty or nice adults and Santa calls the recipient by name! So far I've made two nice kids and two naughty adults (coughDoriscoughcough). I seriously think Zane was worried it might say naughty. Gee, wonder why ;) You can choose what Santa says and for Zane's it said he's been asked to control that temper of his and for Ava's it said that she's been asked to quit sucking her thumb (not really sucking for the record, more like resting her thumb in her mouth with her mouth open). And they took it really seriously when Santa said that. You load their pic in along with the location and then the elves load the picture into the naughty or nice machine and there's a little caption where you write what the recipient would like for Christmas. It's not too late so check it out! Then Zane wanted to watch Ava's then he wanted to watch all the kids in his class but I told him Santa only sent me my own kids' vids.
This is a photo of his reaction after the videos. I guess he was so happy he reached over and gave his sis a hug. I did not ask him to do that cause I can tell ya he wouldn't even if I asked. I can't tell you what a rare moment that was.
Another fun thing we've been doing is roasting marshmallows in the fireplace. And we haven't made a mess yet incredibly. Just something little and fun to do. Guess who likes doing this the most? No, not the kids - Adam.
I'm making this for Christmas morning: Creme Brulee French Toast. I sometimes don't think we have enough traditions at our house but this is definitely one of them. That's not my pic, it's LynnInHK's from All Recipies ;) I'm getting really excited about it, seriously.


  1. What a neat thing to do for the kids. My daughter had was a personal phone call from Santa when she was little. At 17 (in 1 week~eeks!), she would probably love it anyway. Thanks for the info and that adorable pic of your son and daughter, precious.

  2. your cookies look great and i'm still admiring your granite island. i love the unfinished edge!
    and um, the pic of zane and ava is priceless!! isn't it awesome when you capture a candid moment like that?

  3. Love your pics Brianna and your cookies are gorgeous!

  4. Those cookies are awesome! I didn't get to sugar cookies this year, but I did decorate giant gingerbread men with NJE. It was a kit from Trader joe's. LOL Totally love the photo of Zane with his arm around Ava. Makes me sigh and smile.