Saturday, February 11, 2012

File Folder and Tags Project for JBS Mercantile

**Watch for this project in Scrapbook Trends September 2012**

I made this out of a file folder so I would have the option to display it in the house for a while and then if I got tired of it setting out I could cut it in half and put it into a book. Best of both worlds ; ) This was made using whatever I had in the rest of my stash from the February Mercantile Kits. The manilla tags all came from Staples including the little one with the gray reinforcement which is from Martha Stewart's new line there.

And this is what it looks like bent where it will stand on it's own - double pics, couldn't resist, I know you get the idea. I sliced the file folder down the two sides so I would be able to flip it open like this.  I've really been into wanting to display more of my scrapbook work and not put it away in a book (ha, who am I kidding, it's just a pile) and forget about it. I've got a long ledge in my hall I may start setting layouts on, the newer ones, that is.

Half of the tags are glued down flat and half of them are attached with foam dots. I wanted it to have that dimension and variation.

This is one of the while velvet-esque millinery flowers we got in the Antiquarian Kit. I used my JBS Speckled Egg Re-Inker mixed with a touch of water and poured some in the lid of a water bottle. I dipped the flower stamens down into that to stain them aqua. If you do this don't leave them there for very long at all because they do turn a little gummy - get them out and get them dried off with a paper towel. Then I took my finger and dipped it into the re-inker mist and went all around the edge of the flower painting the color on. Then I dapped my finger in water and blended the color all the way around for a watercolor look. Finally I added one of those adorable cabochon hearts from the main kit.

One of the things I was kind of proud of myself for doing was using the watch crystals (I think that's what they're called, clear plastic, domed inside) from Antiquarian to make little raised embellishments on my tags. With the circle watch part I used a small circle punch on the sticker paper making sure to punch out the word family. I just used clear glue sparingly along the rim to glue it onto the little ticket. 

I am just so crazy crazy about those little cream paper roses Doris put in the mini album kit. LOVE 'em. I used those on that little Martha Stewart tag. The only thing on this layout other than the tags that is not from the kit is the little brass rosette. If you like that it can be currently found at Lowe's in the hardware section. It's called a brass mirror rosette.
I loved layering the little kraft label sticker (backed with cardstock) onto the little ticket from Antiquarian. Too cute if I do say so myself, lol. The key tag was the left over from the key I cut for the project kit. It's a Silhouette cut.

The record ticket is what I did with the other watch crystal. It's like a little puffed rectangle and as I was searching through all my kit bits looking for something to fit there I came across the 7 Gypsies labels Doris had put in the mini album kit - there was a rectangular label! You know as a fellow scrapbooker how awesome it is when some little detail works out so well like that! Perfect! All the cuts on here are Silhouette, the title (but I cut that apart with my scissors after the machine was done with it) and the hearts. I jotted down a few key phrases of what family means to me in the oval shaped tag.

Another thing I like about this project is the color scheme. It's mostly muted, warm colors but then there's a few touches of chartreuse, some dusty aqua, then the touch of purple in my daughter's face paint and shirt so I used the plaid tag (with a punch) with a little purple in that. I know purple is not the in color, but I have to tell ya, my little girl loves purple and this mama is really starting to like throwing in a hint of it in my projects. It's a very unexpected color here and I like that. I wished I had room to add just a tiny bit more.

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love the idea of displaying it and then putting it in the album later. I totally know where you are coming from with wanting to display more of your work! I really love this idea, I might have to lift it! :)

  2. Oh, Briana, this is another fantastic project!!!! I love the tags and bits & pieces. Why I'm I not doing this? I'll have to CASE this one. Thanks~hugs, Lori

  3. what an awesome idea, using the file folder!! so many fun things to look at on your creation! i love all of the detail!! and yes i feel ya on getting so excited when a little detail comes together.

  4. Absolutely fabulous project Briana! I love how you incorporated all the remaining pieces from your kits! So much detail and so fun to admire!

    Thanks for the shout out about my giveaway and the wonderful compliments! It is super flattering coming from someone as talented as you!!!

  5. Bri.. how gorgeous is this piece!! love it love it love it. everything look as if they're made for each other. you're brilliant!

  6. Love this! Love all those tags! Fab project!!