Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Little random stuff like the 100 year old kid & the exploding soup

One hundred days of school down. Does your kid's school do this? The idea was for all the kids to dress up like 100 year old grandmas and grandpas. They did lots of 100 activities and crafts and worked on counting to 100. We finally talked Zane into dressing up. He and Adam found white hair spray paint at the party store. It turned out to be more gray, not white, which I liked because it matched the beard so well. We also got those Harry Potter glasses (all they could find), the beard, like I said, and they found a walking stick at Michael's that Adam cut down to size, and last but not least, they found Billy Bob Teeth. Do you know what those are?? Like what Cleetus wears. The look like a 100 year old hill billy so I thought they would work :) Zane loved those the best, of course. He didn't wear the beard all day because it was itchy and got in the way - just for their class photo, but the Billy Bob teeth, uh, yeah, he kind of took those in and out all day. I will not share a photo of 6 year old 100 year old Billy Bob teeth. Just can't do it, it hits too close to home to my back woods Okie heritage. LOL. I'm not joking.

Someone has been playing on Ebay. I was going to say way too much but I changed my mind. You can never have too much Ebay!!! That is unless you can't keep up with your Paypal account balance and your husband has to keep transferring money into it, haaaa!!! That's when it comes in handy he's got the banking background and takes care of all that and I just smile and keep on clickin' on!

I know, I know, don't be hatin' me too much, this is SO great!! The numbers are really big and what a great type style! They're like a little under a half an inch. Fabulous, right? I know. And that big bolt of ribbon is from 1945, stamped on the top with the old label. Will I ever be able to use it all? I have no idea :) Don't care to know the answer either.

Speaking of ribbon, I finally got all my seam binding up on the wall where I won't forget to to use it. Oh, getting that up there was quite the episode. If you have any old rolls of seam binding, you will notice the center hole of the wooden spool is very small, much smaller than a roll of regular ribbon. So I wanted these to be pretty, of course, and decided I wanted to use towel bars to do it. Only the rod of the towel bar is too thick. Back to Lowe's. I searched around and finally found these rods. Rods where the signs are like "for sale" and reflective numbers and stuff. And they were bright yellow. I'm thinking, oh yeah, baby, you did it. We headed home. 

Then Adam gets out the saw so we can cut them down to the perfect length. There we are like to idiots, I'm holding the rods steady on our two supports (ahem, cat carriers setting in the garage) while he cuts. And we discover . . . . . . I have purchased FIBER GLASS rods! You know how we discovered that right? Then we discovered  . . . . Gorilla Glue will get fiber glass shards out of your hands if you let it dry on there!  What a fiasco. The only good thing is they are quite strong to be so narrow and that's good for all the weight of the seam binding. They looked like stained and sealed wood in the store!

Then I took a day spray painting them to match the towel bar ends (cause yeah, you probably won't see the rod but then again, you just MIGHT see some peeking in between the ribbon spools and you can't be too careful with your scrap room decor (sarcasm at myself here). You know, I need a third one, rule of threes and all. That means . . . back to Ebay, baby!

Happy 34th Birthday to my husband, Adam! I got this photo the other night when we were opening his gifts. I used the the timer on my camera and propped it up on the lounge with a stop watch beneath for just the perfect height. I'm so clever, I know (sarcasm intended here : ) ) I had to use the flash. Do you hate the flash like I do? I do hate it. But I am finally embracing it after about 5 years of disowning it. I'll take the shadows, I'm finally tired of the grain, tired of hesitating to take photos at night. See, I'm telling myself, it's not so bad! I did have to photoshop the glare off his glasses though. This is the first good photo of all of us together I've got in almost a year. Thank you flash! Well, Ava does look a little shell shocked or something, but I still love it.

Finally I leave you with the story of The Exploding Tomato Soup. Was it really that good you're asking? Well, yes, it was but it was literally the exploding soup. I had this idea to make some really super fab tomato soup (my husband loves the stuff, could drink a gallon jug of it). I searched and read reviews at Got it all planned out, headed to the store. I was cooking along, got to the step where I needed to puree. I got out my industrial blender from my MIL from a past Christmas, a Vitamix, like a $450.00 blender (no, I would never spend that on a blender either but I'm sure glad she did, lol). No kidding, it's a big mama of a blender, the kind they use at Frulatti and places like that to make smoothies. This blender laughs at ice chunks. I'm going on and on about the blender so you will know she does have the power. I'm fearful for my fingers. I'm rushing around, throw the piping hot soup into the industrial blender, get the lid down, and turn on that baby full blast cause if she can eat ice, she can eat soup. However, I did learn, that if you put boiling hot soup into the blender and crank her on full blast --- she will blast. I screamed. I had piping hot tomato soup all over my arms, all over the floor, all over the counter, the cabinets (upper and lower) and even in my hair, all over my clothes, top and bottom. I froze. The family came running. They did not know if they should be concerned or laugh. Adam smiled. Zane laughed. I was still frozen with hot tomato soup dripping off my being. I should've had Adam take a pic but I was freaked about the mess, about my burning scalp, lol. Lesson learned: if you have an industrial blender and boiling hot soup creating some kind of wicked pressure build up, don't crank your industrial blender on high right out of the gate.


  1. This is a fabulous post Briana! Your family looks like alot of fun, and you all look so happy! :) Your little guy makes a very convincing 100 year old! lol! Happy Birthday to your hubby! I love all of your ebay finds! I am a tiny bit jealous! I never find anything good on there! Enjoy your goodies! :)

  2. Oh my goodness! Glad you are ok from your exploding soup episode! :)

    Evan did have a 100 days of school celebration when he was in KDG, but nothing as fun as dressing up like they were 100 years old. How creative is that?!

    And what great ebay finds. Especially that number stamp!

  3. What a great 100 Days costume. I love it. May I ask what the white holder is that you have your supplies in? I also have a love of seam binding, you have a great display/

  4. The 100 year old kiddo looks amazing! That beard and the gray hair looks so authentic. What a fun idea for the kids...I haven't heard of it it!

    As for the vintage goods, I am totally jealous! I am going nuts on that numbers stamp and the trim!

  5. Oh my goodness I can picture you and the tomato soup dripping to the floor. You had me giggling!
    Zane is so cute!!They don't do anything like that here.such a cool idea!
    Love the family picture!Flash bugs me but its on the camera for a reason and I'm like you would rather have the moment captured then worrying about shadows from the flash.
    Love the vintage goodies! You always have the awesomest finds!
    Have a great wednesday!!!

  6. This is a great post!!! I'm lmbo right now, (since you weren't burned up in the explosion)! I like your photo, your dd looks adorable with that surprised look. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh, I dd's elementary school used to do the 100 day thing too. Always a fun day.

  8. just found your blog and i'm here to stay!

  9. Such a memorable moment ...glad you are able to tell it without being bandaged from head to toe. I will arm wrestle you for that stamp and trim!

  10. That is the longest blog entry I've ever read! Love the photos of your son and what a fun School activity. I know all about eBay addiction, and have struggled to stay away from the site in ages ;-) I absolutely loooove your ribbon. Wish I could find something similar. It's fantastic. Careful with the blender... I Can just imagine the mess warm tomato create! Wish you had pictures :-)
    The family photo is great. Good switch to using the flash more

  11. I want to see the Billy Bob teeth photo! LOL He is so adorable as an old man. Totally made me laugh, which is a great start to my day. Yay! I am in love with that number stamp. Perfect size! You lucky girl. And that big bolt of red still my heart.

  12. By start to my day maybe I should have checked my clock first. Yikes...1:20??? LOL The tomato soup story is hilarious. I would so do that. LOL