Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jenni Bowlin Studio Now At Silhouette!!!!!

Incredibly exciting news!! Jenni Bowlin Studio can now be found at Silhouette!! I'm so happy to see two of my greatest loves combined! The shapes are JUST in - check them out at the Silhouette Online Store! On this page of mine I used THREE of our new shapes! Can you guess which ones ;)
Here is the classic butterfly we all know and love now you cut it with your Silhouette! Behind the butterfly is our floral background! I love that these shapes are so organic! I'm just floored at how well the Silhouette is able to cut the lines of the butterfly! I misted my floral cut with several colors of green and aqua to give the cardstock more depth. I attached the cut with spray adhesive. It's wise to use your spatula tool with these two ;)
I used Jenni's Days of the Week Stamp to create the soft border using soap powder ink.
Here's the last cut I used for this page, the torn paper border. I'm going to use this one so much for layering! I just love the new cut shapes! Head over to the Silhouette Store to see all EIGHT new releases! We have the Cabbage Flower (damask), Whimsy Silhouette (girl with star), Torn Paper Border, the Classic JBS Butterfly, the Lady Silhouette, the Gentleman Silhouette (both of those perfect for upcoming Mother's Day and Father's Day), the JBS Seal, and the Floral Background.

So what do you think!? Don't you just love them!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mercantile Gallery Updates | Heritage Layout

This page was made with the JBS Mercantile March Antiquarian Kit for our gallery update (we always update with more kit projects on the 10th). This morning there were only two of these left.

The black scallops were inspired by Ranjini. For the original gallery reveal she had cut the black seal paper and layered the other papers on top creating the effect of a black scalloped border all the way around the page. I LOVED that. I wanted to try something similar so I cut some scallop strips and turned them facing inward to balance out against the clock.
I really liked this kit, especially the sheet music with the little house and the clock paper plus two kinds of ribbon. Oh and red foil letters. I can't wait to make something with that sheet music. I told Doris it was just too pretty not to use but that I loved it so much I was scared to cut into it, lol, have you ever felt that way?
I used two of the vintage tickets from the kit to make clock hands as well as a strip of patterned paper from the main kit with one of the vintage yo yo's for the center. 
Besides the fact that this is made with the coolest vintage stuff, this is also a special page to me because this is my dad and my grandma from 1961. 

I called my grandma yesterday afternoon and asked her about this photo. My grandma is 76 and it's such a blessing to me that I can still pick up the phone and hear her voice on the other end. There's not a single phone call that I have with her that I don't thank God that I've still got her to talk to, that she's still here, that she's still got her memory and wits about her. So she told me the location and the date and told me this was the spring after her husband had been killed in a car accident and also after she had a stillborn baby. So at this point in the spring of 1961 it was just her and my dad. She said she took him to Weatherford to have their picture made and that she couldn't really afford to do it but that she did it anyway. Then she told me her dress was brown. She said she didn't have many dresses but this one was one of her favorites. Then she said, "It was all cotton, it had to be ironed, we wouldn't have one like it now-a-days." This is SO my grandma, ha, ha, so truly. She used to iron my T-shirts with creases on the sleeves when I was in jr. high and I would beg her to stop that. I can guarantee you I was the crispiest kid in jr. high. I would ask her to iron something and then say, "but don't do too good of a job," and she just couldn't understand what I meant. Even now, when she comes to visit, she notices if my kids clothes are ironed or not (of course, usually they are not, unless it's absolutely necessary). Such a small conversation but it gleaned so much good info and even brought back memories for me.

Another thing I think about when looking at these old photos is how my dad was when he was a kid. I asked grandma if he was good for the picture and she said, "Oh yes!" I thought he had the sweetest expression on his face and it makes me sad because I know the hard road his life has been. You look back at these photos and think about the potential and what could have been or what might have made things different. I wonder if his life would have been better had his dad not died when he was three. 

So anyway, I guess I just really love scrapping these vintage photos. I wanted to mention I did use a buffer paper of acid free cardstock between the photo and the old sheet music background paper - I know that for die hard preservation people this is not a solution but it works for me for now. I also always use those acid free old fashioned photo corners on my old photos in case I want to remove the photo later. Plus, if I decide to I can take this photo out and make a copy and put the copy back in it's place.

I also wanted to mention our guest designer this month is Natalie Elphinstone! Natalie lives in Australia so her layouts weren't able to be added to the gallery until the update on the 10th - so check it out, she has a really cool style: artistic and light and detailed.

Friday, March 2, 2012

JBS Mercantile March Revealed!

The JBS Mercantile Kits went on sale yesterday to members. They went on sale today to non members. And wow!!!! - the main and Artisan have already sold out! The mini  kit is still available in limited quantities and that's the kit I used to make the above layout. Our mini kit this month, Handmade Memories, was designed by Betsy Sammarco. Betsy has included lots of JBS tags and pockets combined with primary colored papers. The completed mini book tucks into a mini JBS cigar box. Check out the gallery to see how Betsy and Ranjini created their mini albums. The large red numbers on my layout were cut with my Silhouette.

My second layout was created using the main kit and the mini album kit. The background paper and the golden ribbon are from the mini kit. This is a page about how when I was little I used to ride the tractor with my grandpa all the time. I would sit in his lap and "drive" and then I would sleep in the back of the cab behind the seat. If you've been in a tractor you know they're loud and bumpy but it always put me to sleep. I didn't have a photo of me and Grandpa in the tractor from my childhood but when I got this photo of my son and my grandpa together in the tractor I knew I could use it to tell my story.

Here's the last page I made (until gallery updates on the 10th) and I used the main kit only but I also used it for the Main Kit Plus Challenge and that was to use JBS buttons or buttons from your stash with the main kit. I had already punched the seal shapes out from the back side of this paper, the Flora paper, so that created a fun area to embellish on the Flora side. I knew it would make a cute button border. The large flower is a Silhouette cut and I used two large circle punches to punch out the vellum. This is a page about my grandma and what a special person she is.

Thanks for stopping by today!