Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Mercantile: Disney Album Start & Large Photo Layout

Hey ladies! The JBS Mercantile Kits are for sale! You can still purchase add ons to go with your main kit until the 5th. Doris said add ons were in single digits right now if you're interested!

So I made this mini album for our upcoming Disney vacation using the current mini album kit with a few bits from Artisan (the label paper)(Artisan has sold out now) and the chevron stamp from the main kit. I left large open space for pictures and journaling. I'll journal in it each day and leave a space to add a picture when we get back. I did that for a mini I made when we went to Hawaii and it worked out really, really well! I designed the title and cut it with Silhouette (an electronic die cutting machine for those of you who may not know) and used one of our new JBS shapes for Silhouette - called Whimsy Silhouette :)

If you like how I did the title work, here's a bit about how I did it. I used Bebas font and typed out the first phrase to a width I thought would work well for the book,  2.5" wide x 3"inches tall over all. Each new part of the phrase is typed as a new type line. Don't type it as all one phrase. Break it up so you are able to manipulate each line of text. "When You Wish" then "Upon A Star" is two different text lines. You will select the second line of text and pull it to the same width as the first and place it directly under the first. Disney, World, and 2012 are also seperate text lines. With all three of those words I ungrouped the word and moved each letter closer together then grouped each word back together. Place those words under the others and pull them out to the same width so you end up with that Subway Art kind of look with that even text block of varying widths of words that line up. Then I grouped it all together and placed it on a Silhouette label shape then grouped that all together again so I could cut it in a few sizes to see what would work best. So the cream is the top cut and the black is just the cardstock backing. I did it that way because I did not want to mess around with trying to get all those words lined back up on my paper - this way it's perfect. I saved the cream middles of the larger letters and glued them onto the black cardstock and didn't mess with the middles of the smaller letters - too much hassle and I like the way it looks like it is anyway.

And if you like this and want to create something similar, I wanted to mention to only make your brads go through the title-cut cardstock and then adhere that to your mini cover so you don't see brads coming out the back side of the cover page. You probably would've thought of that but I just wanted to share in case you are new to mini albums.

This mini kit was designed by Lisa Dickinson and I just really loved working with it. Lisa created her mini with a more abstract travel theme callled, "The Places You'll Go," and I did a literal travel theme. It's all good! This is the front side of the pages. It's hard to see but I used the sewing machine on most pages in yellow, red, and aqua thread. I didn't care about the back of the thread showing through on the other side of the page. I like the way the thread looks from the back as well, creates extra texture, and gives grounding spots for photos or memorabilia. You can see what I'm talking about on the gray map page above. The red zig zag is the back thread from another page. That little row of red is a perfect spot to ground a little photo or run about three lines of journaling on top of it with a white pen.

And these are the back sides of each page. 

So this is my current favorite family photograph and I got it by setting my camera on the back of the chaise lounge with the lens propped just so with one of the kids' toys and I broke one of my rules and used the flash (and have since decided to abandon the no flash rule) and was able to get this great photo! I really like how the Crate Paper patterned tag paper was able to bring the strange color and pattern combo in the photo, it was able to bring it all together. I left the tag paper just as it was on the sheet, ran it through the typewriter, sewed a bit on the photo, layered some manilla tags, and that was it. The photo is printed on Epson Scrapbook Photo Paper Matte, which is kind of like cardstock, not photo paper, and the colors turned out so vibrant. I'm really pleased with that paper.

Here's the details. The grey and light blue reinforcement manilla tags are by Martha Stewart and can be found at Staples. The metal rimmed tag is from my stash and those can be found pretty much anywhere office supplies are sold and they are most likely by Avery.

Thanks for checking it out! See you soon because I've got lots more up my sleeve for JBS Mercantile gallery updates on the 10th!


  1. what Amy said! These projects are gorgeous, Brianna - I'm swooning over that mini!

  2. Fabulous layout and mini! I absolutely love all the beautiful details! You are going to Disney this year? So exciting, I am so jealous! What a wonderful place to capture the memories in that mini!

  3. Ok to start, that mini is fabulous!
    But also pinned your layout on Pinterest.
    LOVE the tags at the top!
    And I have those tags, so I will probably be lifting the idea :)

    Great family photo, too :)