Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Using JBS Silhouette Cuts As Stencils

LOL, if you saw this yesterday morning, I accidentally posted it too early and realized it after it had been up about an hour :) So here it is again today. This is what I've got up on the JBS Inspiration Blog today.

Today I wanted to share a few cards and tags I made using the new JBS Silhouette cuts as stencils. I used the butterfly, that I obviously can't get enough of, the seal, the damask, and the lady silhouette. What I really love about these projects is that I mixed in modeling paste and glossy gel with India Ink for dimension and to get clean coverage with the home made stencils.

Love this photo. You can see how gorgeously this damask works as a stencil, especially with the modeling paste. And the paper just barely bended - not much at all! And it's flexible-ish, not crackly so you don't have to worry about it flaking off. There's a few more details about this on the Inspiration Blog.

Here you can see how crisp of an image you can get with the super detailed butterfly. I mixed the color with the palette knife right on the card to it didn't blend too well. I splattered watered down acrylic paint in hot pink and neon after it was done.

I've got detailed Silhouette instructions on how to make the multi seal card on my blog post at the JBS Inspiration Blog today as well as a construction photo and an additional supply list and info on the process if you'd like to read more. I was so proud of myself for learning how to do a screen shot for Silhouette! 

I used this new pink and yellow glittered tulle on two of the cards. I scrunched up a piece of the pink and stapled it for the lady's hair bow. I used a strip of the yellow on the butterfly tag and a circle of it on the seal card. I thought these were so so pretty. The tulle and glitter is so fine and delicate. It just reminds me of vintage, even the colors look vintage to me. This is new at Michael's in the ribbon isle - Celebrate It, Occasions is what it says on the top. There were a few more colors as well. 

Thanks for stopping by today! 


  1. These are so pretty!! I am making my monthly trip to Michael's tomorrow, so I'll have to look for that tulle - it's beautiful!!

  2. An Edwardian lady in full dress was a wonder to behold, and her preparations for viewing were awesome.Bridal silks

  3. AWESOME, cards & tags!! I just love the colors!!