Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hello June! JBS Mercantile Reveal!

Hey gals :) I just so loved the June kits and I am currently working on more things to share with you on the 10th for gallery updates. I love this one so much, I know I'm going to use it down to bits. I made this layout with the main kit, well, I thought it was main kit only but later realized the stars and little navy letters are from Artisan. But just take a gander at that exclusive stamp! You probably remember that from a while back when Jenni had it in the rub ons. Now we get it in a stamp! The mercantile stamps truly make my heart smile, lol. That's me and my man on Mother's Day. Can't believe I got a shot of us that I really like!

The quilt stars are something I made in Silhouette and the frames are also a Silhouette cut and it's for sale through them. I stamped the red image on photo paper - very vibrant results that way. That stamp is scrumptious.

This was made with Antiquarian and the main kit. Oh and the stars and the buttons from Artisan :) Got lots o'mixing this time. I had this photo of Zane walking out in front of Ava and I at Disney. Adam jumped out ahead of us and took this photo looking back. I though he was a goober when he took it but geez was I wrong, this is a nice photo. I liked all the space around it and when I printed it on 8.5 by 11 I thought how great it would be to use the entire photo as the base of the page. I wanted to make something that kind of flowed along along the top and the left and I knew that by stacking that super cool stamp I could achieve that goal. I used silver pigment ink and it stuck so well on  my glossy photo paper.

Then I scattered the vintage labels in a patchwork effect, added the title, and sprinked the stars for a bit of whimsy. You know how you feel when you make something you love? That's how I feel with this one. I love it. I was able to get exactly what was in my head onto paper - to get that feeling translated onto paper. I always line the back of my vintage pieces of paper with cardstock to give a bit of a buffer between the project. Not fool proof, no, but good enough for me and that's why I have this photo backed up in several locations and I'll probably have a plain one in his Project Life.

Here's the one I already shared with you but I want it here with the others for all of blog eternity. Plus I didn't share the detail shots so here they are:

Here are my darlings from 4 years ago. Does it kinda hurt you to look at photos of your kids when they were younger? It does me. I am so sentimental about the passage of time in childhood. I wish I could go back and hug them a few more times at that age.

So check out all the kits here. And check out the designer gallery here. I can tell you there are some truly gorgeous works of art in the gallery. Those ladies really knocked my socks off this month and I can't wait to see what else they do.

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