Friday, June 15, 2012

JBS Mercantile: Pirate Oath Page - Negative Challenge

Hey girls, this is another one of the pages I made using the June Mercantile Kit. It's made with the main kit and Artisan (Artisan is sold out). Here I've used Jenni's new KRAFT perforated and die cut paper! Oh yeah :) This is the kraft bank statement paper. I used the exclusive stamp on the left and cut it into a rectangle to fit into my linear design. I really and truly love the exclusive stamps. Those little stars were just soooooo much fun, I think I may have used them on every single page I made this time.

This is a shape I made in Silhouette that I call a quilt star. I duplicated my shape in a row of 4 across then I duplicated down in a column of 4. I duplicated a single star and made it smaller then moved it down into the square made between the larger stars. I duplicated that and manually spaced those out. I used the antique paper beneath my quilt stars - I thought that went so well with a pirate theme, it looks like part  of an old map or an old letter. I used my long reach stapler (bought at Office Depot) to add just a tiny bit of an extra simple detail and stapled in between each star. The buttons are from my stash.

When I was making this page I had it in mind for Amanda Jones' challenge blog and the upcoming challenge is to use negatives - whatever that means to you. Several of the JBS girls are participating in Amanda's challenges this month.

Here's my son getting all dressed up like a pirate at The Pirates League. They did that while Ava and I went to the princess tea party. Disney created The Pirates League to give the boys something to do like that since there are so many girl dress up venues and the Bibbety Bobbity Boo Boutique for girls. Kudos to them, great idea! So here he is taking his oath administered by the wench who fixed him up (and I say wench just to be funny and cause it goes better with the pirate theme than sylist, ha). I cut down the sides of these two little cards - the Blumers card and the curtain card in order to get them to fit in my horizontal design line. With the Blumers label I also cut out the middle so that I could get all my journaling to fit into that spot and allow the top an the bottom of the card to go above and below the line just to break it up. I used Jenni's blue ribbon punch to make the little banner shape below my gold button (which has an anchor on it, which is vintage, and which is from my stash). Zane was given a new name, William Yellowbellows, so I typed about that on the curtain card. I stained the wooden stars with mist.

I was kind of proud of this page because I pulled several things from the kit which was mainly red, cream, and blue, and created something that had a pirate feeling - pirate colors. I just thought the curtain was so perfect with the pirate thing, can't explain why, lol, it just is!

How about I finish this off with some recently from Ebay. Looks like I had good luck over the past month, eh? I particularly like the metal numbered cattle tags, the gold embroidered flower, the green ribbon, and more tags!

Look at these incredible tags!! Just look at the Who-o brand potatoes label shaped like a potato sack! And the Deer Lodge Creamery tag that's shaped like a cream can!

Thanks for hanging out for a few minutes today!


  1. Love your page and the Silhouette quilt stars!
    And those are amazing ebay finds :)

  2. This is AWESOME! Love everything about it!!! :)

  3. stellar haul!!! drooling over the trim and tags!

  4. Very nice embellishments to complement the photo.

  5. Oh my. Your layout is FANTASTIC! And the tags are fab too