Monday, June 11, 2012

Mercantile Vintage Mini Album

Here's a mini album I had the best time making for the June JBS Mercantile gallery updates. There were 29 --- yes 29 new projects added last night! Wow, I am so proud to be on the team with those ladies!
Anyhow, this was made by folding the horse envelope in half and using that as a base for a mini album. I covered the front with items from the main kit (still a handful left) and Antiquarian (sold out).

I thought this would be perfect for our upcoming trip to Massachusetts. We're going to Boston and I associate Boston with freedom and liberty (which is the kind of things we'll be going to see there along The Freedom Trail) so I thought this would be really great with all the red, cream, and blue and we'll then be going to Brimfield so this will be perfect in that regard too since it's got tons of vintage goodies in it! So I'm going to use this book for a few of my favorite photos and finds.

I sewed down the middle and also used masking tape and the red washi tape from the main kit to bind the book together. I cut several long rectangles for pages so that I could sew down the middle and sew them to the spine of the mini book. I opened the envelopes and included them by sewing along fold of the flap and the actual envelope pocket - very secure way to get those in there. I also took masking tape and reinforced the edges all the way around the Farber's glassine bag because it's kind of delicate and I wanted to prevent any possible tearing.

On the top photo here you can see how the flap of the envelope is peeking out here, I love that little detail. I also used my custom embosser on a few of the pages.

I used the Mercantile Exclusive stamp on the back of the small brown envelope and taped it in from the other side with tape. It's just such a beautiful mixture of products ---- thank you Jenni - these kits are just incredible!

Here you can see it all fanned out on the top photo. The second photo shows how the mini book is finished around the back. I used buttons from Artisan as my closure mechanism although it doesn't really need one, I just like the way it finishes it off and allows me to use seam binding on the front.
In order to get the seam binding to be able to wind around the buttons I had to put smaller buttons hidden under my decorative buttons. Nothing was adhered with glue, all with twine, so it's very sturdy. I poked the holes then from the back I ran the twine up through the smaller button (that is hidden from view), then through the top button and back down to the back. I also added a small gray mother of pearl button  inside the cover so that when I pulled the twine very tightly the back mother of pearl button would prevent the paper from tearing through. So I ran both twine ends through those two button holes and tied a knot on that gray button. If anyone wants more clarification on that I can post a photo (not a very good one, lol, I tried, but still, it might help).

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you are tempted to check out the kits if you haven't yet or check out the other 28 new projects in the gallery!!!


  1. Briana - that is amazing!

    Love the vintage goodies in it!!
    I hope you will show it to us when you fill it up with photos and stuff

  2. This album is incredible! I love the cohesiveness of all the red, cream and blue along with all the vintage imagery and textures of the glassine, etc. Going to Boston? I am so jealous, what an amazing trip that will be! This album is perfect for capturing the wonderful memories that you will have on that trip. I love the accent of the people up there, so strong and distinctly different from Oklahoma! Thanks for sharing!

  3. GREAT little mini album!!! LOTS of fun details!!! (=

  4. waue this is super love all that details

  5. beautiful! I am so in love with this :)

  6. beautiful! I am so in love with this :)

  7. Looove this vintage album!
    Every envelope and piece of paper is charming.
    It has a bit of romance to it.