Thursday, July 26, 2012

Embracing Symmetrical Layout

Hey girls! Tonight I wanted to share with you my JBS Mercantile August sneaky layout! This layout uses the main kit and Antiquarian. From Antiquarian I used that marvelous gold metal stamping (which I whitewashed) and the white trim atop the photos is the silver foil trim used backwards. The giant circle medallion is a Silhouette cut. I used the exclusive stencil with white mist in the center to tie all my elements together.

When I was in college, I started out majoring in interior design but later switched to merchandising. But  before I switched to merchandising in one of my basic art design classes in the college of Human Environmental Science, I had a teacher who was not a fan of total and complete symmetry. I'm not sure why that is with all the classic architecture over the eons that utilized symmetry achieving lasting ideals of beauty. She did not like a "bullseye," most definitely. So for the longest time I've had it in my mind to stay away from pure symmetry in my pages. I always thought it didn't do a sufficient job of leading your eye around the page. Last month I did a page with a column of labels right down the middle and then two photos on each side, one was higher than the other, opposite really, and then two flowers in the open spaces. It has some very symmetrical aspects but the different flower sizes and different banner placements kept it from being identical on both sides. I was testing the waters. So when this month rolled around I was still in the "embrace symmetrical" camp and did this one completely symmetrical. Why does it feel so refreshing to let myself do this?? LOL, it's freeeeeeing :)

Anyhow, this is a page with some of the first instagram photos I took on our first evening in Boston. The weather was incredible to an Oklahoma person such as myself. It was slightly overcast but the sun was peeking though the clouds in it's way down, there was a gentle breeze, the temperature was mild, and I just kept saying to Adam, "Can you believe this is their July? Let's move here!" We got settled into the Lennox hotel and walked over to Stephanie's On Newbury and at out on the patio. Stephanie's had the best clam chowder during our stay and I made sure to sample a many. It was such a nice setting with all the gorgeous old buildings and the excitement of what we would see the rest of our stay. The journaling says that I am so happy I had Adam to share it with, the history, the architecture, and the food. It was a lovely trip indeed.

And I think this shade of dusty light aqua blue must be the hardest color to photograph! Geez, did taking pics of this layout give me fits. Anyhow - there are more Mercantile sneaky layouts on the JBS Mercantile Inspiration Blog and the kits go up for sale at midnight central time on July 31st!

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  1. Love love this page. The colors, design, embellishment etc are fantastic. fantastic