Monday, July 2, 2012

Everyday's A Happy Day Layout & Disney Pics

Mercantile kits are live today for everyone! This is a page from my July gallery. These photos were taken in May at Disney World. We were sitting there next to the Tea Cups waiting for strawberry punch and we were making funny faces and taking pictures of each other. Zane got some great ones of me and Adam (see below). He had just made a funny face and I kept on snapping while he was talking. I guess he got a bit shy all the sudden, ha, because he looks shy to me, especially in the last photo, which is so not his regular personality. And I can guarantee you he was probably begging to go back to Space Mountain. Anytime we were even close to Tomorrow Land he was begging to do that again, no matter if the wait was 1 hour long and no matter how many times we explained the merits of obtaining a fast pass :)

Anyhow, layout construction details. The kraft base with a shape cut out was just something I had been playing with a while ago. Sometimes I just sit down with my Silhouette and some good colors of cardstock and just cut stuff for the fun of it. I set those pieces to the side waiting on the right project - as a way to get a jumpstart on a project later. That's what happened here. I had my photos printed already and since I had those two things in place, this layout came together veeeeery quickly.

A few things I like about this page: a. that it has 5 photos on it, b. that it's got an offset center and that it's all so balanced on the right but has that little something extra going on on the left, and c. orange and kraft together are really making me happy.

The orange receipt in the background was a happy accident too, I guess you might say. The Antiquarian kits from JBS Mercantile never ever disappoint me, I just love them, and I want more of them :) so I decided to color copy some of the key pieces so I could use them again and use the back sides of some of them. When I copied the mustard colored receipt my copier read it as light orange - I liked that and went with it! Also I guess you could say I really like banner shapes, they are just the most perfect element, I think, like here how they ground the oval sticker and make a nice transition to the bottom stack of photos.

So here are the other pics from the same time I took the pic of Zane you see in the layout:

Love that this one shows Adam *really* laughing, not just a camera smile.

The face that started it all. 

And now the faces from that day's breakfast:

Yep, the Disney Magic was running high that day :) Or the Disney Delirium is more like it.


  1. Sweet layout and photos!
    Looks like you had such a fun time :)

  2. oh these pics are wonderful! and the layout great of course!