Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On The Diagonal, Family Resemblances, & Brimfield

Again, here we have another layout from my JBS Mercantile July Gallery. This was made with Antiquarian and the mini album kit designed by Jill Sprott. I took the diagonal paper Jill put in her kit and just started lining up bits and pieces of paper following the lines, letting some of the pieces overlap. I wanted to allow some of the stripes to show through some of the spaces to keep that strong diagonal visible. I decided to bring a little something extra to those spaces by adding buttons along the lines.

When I printed these photos I couldn't help but think of myself looking at her. The top photo especially, I had that expression on my face a lot as a kid. And how she's dressed up outside riding her tricycle - I did stuff like that all the time on the farm. My grandma never fixed my hair and while I do fix her hair it doesn't much look like it in these pics - so that reminds me of myself too. I used to dress up in a blue and gold cheerleader suit and play outside with my dog, running around that old run down farmhouse.

With the label here, I wanted to cover up the peas but leave the pretty cut glass bowl so I decided to run a banner shape beneath the badge (banners fix everything). I had made a copy of the label so I punched  a hear from that copy and placed it on the banner.

Left, me, about 1984 or '85, probably 4 years old.

Right, Ava, August 2011, 3 years old

My hair wasn't really that warm - it's the same color as Ava's. Yikes, told ya my gram didn't fix my hair. So here we are, I think she looks like me here, don't you? Then there are times she looks just like Adam, her wide smile and the shape of her teeth, her head shape, her ears and where they set on her head. I'll have to do this again and show pics of both kids and both Adam and I. I just love seeing family resemblances.

Hey, I don't have a linkie icon on my sidebar yet but if you would like to hang out with me on twitter my user name is BRIANASJ. And on instagram I'm Brianaj321. But I've linked my instagram photos so they're being streamed to my twitter feed thingie - this is all sort of new to me. But anyhow, I wanted to take a few instagram pics of cool finds at Brimfield to share - we're leaving tomorrow for 4 days in Boston then 4 days in Brimfield. Here's a few fun youtube vids about the Brimfield Antique Market:

See ya soon! And have a Happy 4th of July!!!


  1. Fantastic layout. Love how you used the paper to angle your photos etc. Cool! And you do look totally alike. Adorable

  2. Love this on the diagonal!!! Happy 4th!

  3. Love the diagonal arrangment. Happy 4th of July!

  4. Your layout is amazing! I love the overall diagonal design, the precious photos of your daughter and the clever way you covered up the peas with the banner. Has a very neat look!
    Your daughter is absolutely darling, and she looks so much like you as a little girl! :)
    That Brimfield Antique Market looks amazing. I can't wait to see all the wonderful goodies you find there! Have fun!

  5. the angle! So cool :)
    And love the comparison photos.
    You look so much alike :)

  6. straight up gorgeous!!..and I like that she dresses up to ride! I even love her shoes (hint lol) daughter used to wear her Snow White costume to the grocery store so only moms can appreciate the "princess" in them :)

  7. Beautiful layout!! looks like a fun market!!

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you do! My first time leaving a comment but oh dear how I love your sense of design and colors. You've got a new fan :)
    love love!