Tuesday, September 11, 2012

JBS Mercantile: Gallery Updates - 3 New Layouts!

The JBS Mercantile Gallery was updated last night with 20 new projects! Today I'm sharing my three new layouts. First up is "Beautiful." I have to say, I really like this one. This was made with the Antiquarian Kit (sold out), Artisan (sold out), and a tiny bit from the mini album kit (sold out). 

I ran the vintage yellow ledger paper through my Silhouette to cut a doily. Then I had the idea to make the shooting stars radiate from the doily with the banner paper from Artisan. There are some white ribbons from Antiquarian also layered on here but they are a bit hard to see.

The title, Beautiful, was cut with Silhouette. I sprayed a small about of white mist on it followed by gray metallic mist for a touch of sparkle.

This is Ava when we went to the Princess Tea Party at Disney World. When we got back to the room she let me take her pictures out on the balcony. The journaling talks about how she's beautiful on the outside and inside and what a loving and kind girl she is. She's such a blessing. I think it everyday.

This layout was made with Antiquarian and the mini album kit. There was the coolest butterfly broom label (real vintage) in the Antiquarian add on (which is all old stuff if you didn't know). I didn't want to cut up my original so I made three color copies on my home printer. I cut them out and scattered them to fly over my page. I used some doilies from the mini album kit as well as some from my stash to make a soft background for my picture. You can see the exclusive ornate label stamp from the main kit used here (Main Kit still available).

A shot so you can see the texture of the doilies and how the butterflies are barely popping off the page.

Doris thinks this is the coolest picture. I guess it is. I can't really feel that way since I'm the subject, lol. This was taken about two years ago (in my skinny phase). We were sitting outside and I was taking pics of the clouds with my iphone and showing Adam and he took a picture of me while I was trying to  show him. I didn't think much about it at first but this really is a big part of me - I am always taking pictures - like most of you who read this blog - I guess we're kinda obsessed with taking pictures.

Finally, this layout was made using the stencil from Artisan and the patterned paper from the mini album kit. I sprayed the stencil then turned it over and pressed it onto my paper. My paper was Epson 12 x 12 scrapbook paper, which is similar to presentation paper. The ink had beaded on the stencil and when I put it onto the Epson paper, it held that blotchy design well. I'm not sure exactly how to describe that, but it just has a result I like with the mist and stencil.

I cut the flowers with Silhouette. These are the cutest pics of my kids when they had their faces painted at The Animal Kingdom this spring. I think what I like about this page is all the color, the rainbow of color, but it's airy and minimal and there's still so much white. Usually I would think to add something that contrasted more with the background. But when I sat these flowers on here it had a slightly magical effect :) It's still playful and colorful and keeps it airy and allows the photos to just pop right out. I like it!

Thanks for stopping in today and check out the gallery updates if you can!


  1. I love them all!! Very fun! Love all the texture they have!

  2. okay, I TOTALLY love each of them! I really like how you described each one-where the inspiration came from. How inspired your hubby was to snap a shot of you and you even scrapped it--Kudos! Don't have many layouts or pictures of me...need to do better! ;)

  3. I love your layouts...Esp the first one...And your daughter looks just like you...so beautiful. You do so much work on your layouts. I love them all...

  4. your project are so fab, like always. love that sunburst on the first one and all the layered doilies on the one with the cool picture of you!

  5. I can not tell you how much I love your style of scrapbooking! These pages are divine!!!

  6. That beautiful layout is so amazing! LOVE everything about it -- the ribbon, the milk cap centre, the ledger doily. WOW!

  7. Your pages always have so much detail and look like alot of work. You must have a TON of patience. They always look so fabulous.