Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Looking Like Halloween

I made this page to document our Halloween decorations this year. I've already told you how crazy my kids were for decorating. I really like these goodies on this light blue-ish purple. Part of this stuff is even more left overs I had from the JBS Mercantile Haunted House Mini-Album Kit. I added a German spider web scrap, a Martha Stewart spider sticker, and a Jolee's Boutique glitter flower. 

The journaling says: Halloween decorating - the love it. I brought all the boxes down from the attic and they went crazy grabbing stuff and decorating all over the house. They helped me set up the village and decorate the Halloween tree, decorate the hall tables. One of my fave things this year is the old skeleton on my new old mirror from Brimfield. I collected all the Halloween ornaments from before the kids were born 1. because I've always loved Halloween and 2. I loved thinking about my kids someday getting enjoyment from them. And now here we are all these years later, decorating together. 

Here's some of our decorations:

Our Halloween Village all across the dining room table.

My old mannequin dressed for Halloween. It's too bad I couldn't find my vintage black bustier :) She looks great in that. 

Here she is wearing vintage necklaces and a J. Crew orange necklace.

Our Halloween Tree - I really like this white feather tree - works for all seasons. This photo is a bit blurry but I used thick white embroidered white on orange trim. 

I got this old mirror at Brimfield - the perfect size for this vintage cardboard skeleton.

Just some stuff jumbled on the hall table. The lights look really cute at night.

And this girl. How cute is she???!!!


  1. WONDERFUL layout and FANTASTIC decorations!

  2. Oh I love your decorations. I'm crazy for Halloween and Fall decorating too. And your girl is definately a cutie!!

  3. Great page!!!
    We are huge Halloween decorators here, down to the Halloween village. Which is actually my son's :)