Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Star-Pal

Happy Saturday! This is the last page I made for JBS Mercantile this month. I think there's a little something from all the kits. The blue tags and the airmail tape are from the mini album kit, the star label is from Antiquarian, the banners are from Artisan, and the glitter alphas and patterned paper are from the main kit. I wanted to incorporate lots of journaling on this one so I used the tags and the check stub (both from Jenni's new perforated papers). This page is a bit special to me because of all the journaling so when I started out with this one - I started out intending to focus on the photos and the story and just let the design fall into place however it would after the other two objectives were accomplished :) So I ended up with a collaged look in order to get some goodies on there as well. But my husband and I think this is a special one because it gives such a slice of who he is right now.

There are two stories on this page which both occur around the same time as this picture. The journaling on the check stub is literally about this picture. I talk about how my son has been taking this green basketball to school. He started doing that because the kids weren't really letting him play basketball (he's the new kid and he's not really a basketball player, he knows much more about soccer). So he started taking his own ball but not playing basketball - just dribbling around and rolling it down the slide. It became his recess security. I guess he felt like if he didn't find another kid to play with, he had his basketball to play with. And the jacket. This was the first time this season he got to wear his jacket and that gave him a little shot of happiness that day. He's always liked having his jacket and tries to wear it too early in the fall and too late in the spring.

The rest of the journaling tells the story of the game we play many nights before he falls asleep. The "I Love You More," game you all probably know. He always starts out with, "I love you all the way past Pluto." And then the other planets get mentioned and the sun and Heaven and on and on. But the solar system is always involved. So I thought the Star-Pak label would be perfect and it just hit me I could make it say Star-Pal instead by covering the K with label paper and using the red alpha letter L from the October Afternoon stickers from Artisan. Clever moment for me! :)

Here's a shot so you can read some of the journaling if you wish. Cracked me up with he said he loved me all the way to Heaven then Pluto then Texas then Great Wolf Lodge because we aren't very far from Texas and Great Wolf Lodge but that's a place he's always loved going. I know there's supposed to be a space after the colons but since my space was limited I just left those out - because they would've taken up mucho space and the story is still told well without them.

Thanks for checking it out!


  1. what a SWEET guy-so HARD when you are the new kid and don't quite fit in-BEAUTIFUL tribute to this special guy--LOVE it!

  2. This is very nice. Very professional!

  3. This is just so amazing! I love the banners and all of the typed journaling!

  4. So I've been missing lately from the blog rounds and I apologize. I have a lot of catching up to do and I am so happy this was the first layout/posting I saw. It is stellar. I love your I Love You night ritual. Zane is going to have such great memories of doing this and at the same time it is building his confidence that he is loved. OMG...I just love that so much! My heart broke reading about the playground. He is such a great kid. I hope some kids have stepped forward to include him. Nick is going through a bit of the same thing right now, so I am hoping both boys find themselves surrounded by friends very soon!