Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jan. JBS Mercantile and Project Life

Good afternoon, girls. I'd like to share with you two Project Life spreads I made with the January JBS Mercantile Kits. I think there's probably a little something from most of the kits, except Antiquarian. So I do Project Life by month, not week, and I feel that gives me the freedom to do as many spreads - or not - as I want for that month. I'm making one for my son as well as my daughter. As you look you can see where I've used some of the same pictures for both kids (like family pictures and then a picture or two of their sibling) and then I use the rest of the pictures that pertain to that certain child. Let's see --- with Zane's layout I used Becky Higgins Design A on the left side and Becky's Design D on the right side. I like to mix those two designs because it allows me both horizontal and vertical 4 x 6 slots (and I tend to take lots of vertical pictures) and it also allows for vertical and horizontal journaling cards so I feel like you can use more variety. Plus, I just like the look of it :)

The title card was super easy to make. I cut out the 4x6 card from one of the patterned papers, cut the February label (and corner notched it) from another sheet of paper. I used the typewriter to journal in Zane's book this time so I could get more on the cards. I had a little less to say on Ava's and a little less time, so hers was hand journaled this time. Again, I like a mixture of both and while I think I visually prefer the typewriter journaling, I do think it's important to have my handwriting sprinkled throughout the book.

I used two smaller vertical cards together to make up the J Heart pocket. The J is a clear letter sticker you get in the main kit. I think most of the cards I used here came from the mini album kit which has sold out.

So here's what I did for Ava for Feb. I had to get a little more creative to get a month title card here so I used my silhouette and hand cut a flower from a sheet of paper from the main kit. This time I used Becky Higgins Design B on the left and Design A on the right (it's not as easy to tell since I used two of the 4x6 pockets for two each of a 3x4 picture or card). 

Here's the close up of the title card.

I used the Today tag to mix in something a little different and as another place to journal. The white paper lace was cut with Silhouette. The grid paper is from the mini album kit. I traced the star paper (new exclusive designed by Lisa Dickinson) from one of the JBS chipboard hearts and it was the perfect spot for the little So Sweet die cut we got.

So I'm really on the Project Life bandwagon this year. I started it last year but didn't get far. What you see here is me going back and filling in the month of Feb. I need to try to do both last year and this year while last year is still fresh in my memory! I'll be making at least one Project Life spread each month at JBS Mercantile! And most likely two - one for Zane and one for Ava.

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  1. love this Briana! love all the little elements you pulled from the kits - the frames for journaling, the arrow papers - awesome!

  2. these look GREAT! Beautiful way to use the kit!

  3. You are so talented! These look just BEAUTIFUL! I love how it's still PL but it's so YOU! I've never seen anyone have the title say the month and that makes it seem less overwhelming to me. I'm so on the edge of starting PL but I hate my handwriting and I love all those little cards so I'm trying to decide if I'm going to want to run them thru the printer. (Easy for me.) I like your typewriter use here. I love that you do it monthly. I'm going to share this on my Facebook page. You rock!

  4. I love your PL pages!
    And using a kit will keep it fresh and make it easier to decide what supplies to use :)
    Love the typewritten journaling, but also agree about handwriting.
    For every few pages I use computer fonts, I try to do one with my handwriting :)