Friday, February 22, 2013

Holly Berry Eyes & A Cheese Stick Nose

We got snow last week! Snow, glorious, coveted, wonderful, peaceful snow! It was falling all afternoon in the most gentle way, actually slowly floating down in big soft flakes. It was like magic, to anyone I'm sure, but especially to us in Oklahoma. Adam saw it start and ran around the house getting Ava and I to go look. We were like kids in wonderland. 

We had to get creative with Ava's snowman stuff. Can you believe it, but I had actually roasted all our carrots and we actually ate some healthy food for a change. I digress, so we had no carrots. We had no coal, lol, So Adam came up with holly berries for the eyes. They looked to me for the nose. I had to do my best and marched into the kitchen. Frantically searching the fridge, I came upon a mozarella stick. It would work! We finished him off with a few springs of ivy leaves for hair.  Kinda cute in a simplistic way, I'd say!

Excerpt from A White Christmas

Snow! Snow! Snow!
It won't be long before we'll all be there with snow
I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow

I long to clear a path and lift a spade of snow
Oh, to see a great big man entirely made of snow

Where it's snowing
All winter through
That's where I want to be
Snowball throwing
That's what I'll do
How I'm longing to ski
Through the snow-oh-oh-oh-oh
Those glist'ning houses that seem to be built of snow
Oh, to see a mountain covered with a quilt of snow
-Bing Crosby, Snow, from A White Christmas

Snowfall, snowfall 
Glistening snowfall 
Snowflakes falling 
Winter calling 

Frozen lace, everyplace 
Down they come 
Twirling, tumbling lightly 
Brightly, lovely snowfall 

Lightly, brightly, lovely snowfall 
Lovely snowfall
-Doris Day, Snowfall

Here he is. He's the man. My snowtographer. He loves landscape pics (and snow, did I mention that already) almost as I love everyday pictures. He got the camera and off he went. He took the lovely picture down the street and the one of our house posted down below. He totally cracked me up when I saw this selfie. LOL, he never does stuff like that without me being the leader. What a cute man.

And here she is, our snow princess. She was a trooper this year. Last year snow and Ava = not so much. This year, she loved it. She had a few snowball fights with Adam and they worked on a snowman together while I ran around with my gown, boots, and a coat on getting some pics

I love this one. Something about the composition and the color - or the lack of color with white snow sprinkles all over and that little shot of hot pink. 

So we were really bummed out because Zane was in school and I knew he was missing all the fun. Never fear, his school let them go out and have snowball fights! When we got home they were ready to go out again. Zane ain't gonna let that snow go by without making a snowman. What is up with Ava's expression, lol. Zane's snowman has dead magnolia branches for arms, magnolia leaves for hair, and some kind of black thing (I think it's from a chalkboard eraser) as a bow tie. Later I was clever enough to photoshop in the year in that spot. So then HE got creative with extra body parts for his snowman. When I told my friend Doris this, she said my redneck was showing, LOL!!!

Here's a treat for you. And now don't discount it because it's "old" music (1941). Give it a try. And the snow slideshow photos are just incredible. The song actually sounds like falling snow if it had a sound. I love Doris Day. Truly beautiful woman in so many ways. I heard this song in my head all day long while the snow puffs fell from the sky.

PS - All these photos were taken with my iphone!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Home - Mercantile February

Happy Saturday! Today I wanted to post this page I made with the Feb. JBS Mercantile Kits - the main kit (sold out) and Antiquarian. The striped paper is from the main kit and is new Modern Mercantile by Lisa Dickinson. I cut out the floral part and arranged it around my photo. I think there are three pieces cut apart and put back together to frame the photo.

The background letterhead paper is from the Antiquarian kit. I admit to loving that thing so much that I made several copies and used them over and over on my projects. The text and title were done in Photoshop then I just ran the letterhead copy through the printer.

One thing I love that Jenni does and that Lisa did too with Modern Mercantile is they gave us mini versions of the patterns on a sheet of paper - like a 9 square of smaller patterns - if you are familiar with JBS then you know what I'm talking about. I used the same floral/stripe paper in the mini version and cut out those flower heads to layer on the large flower heads with a foam dot. I finished that off with the green foil flowers from Antiquarian. The yellow diamonds (which I think look like embroidery the way I used them) are made from the exclusive stencil in the main kit - by using modeling paste and yellow paint. After that dried, I cut out a few individual pieces to fill in the blank spot between the title and the photo.

Let's see. What else? Home and Heart are written in a font called Pottery Barn - yep, the Pottery Barn font. The cursive is England Hand DB.

My day entails doing the dishes, helping the kids make their Valentines, and working on Project Life. Oh, and I guess I'm going to the grocery store so I can make Beef Lombardi for dinner tonight. We just finished this off - Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti - and it was so dang yummy. I've banned healthy food in my house. LOL. I'm joking.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Mercantile & My Project Life

JBS Mercantile Kits are up and ready to go! The first project I'd like to share with you is how I used the kit to work on my Project Life. I think I told you last time that I would be doing this year and last year *this year* :) Well, this one goes back to 2011. I had printed the giant photo months ago just to scrap and then it got lost in a stack of cardstock. I happened to find it about three nights ago and realized how great it would look with the February kits. So I got busy. I love embellishing a full 12x12 photo page. I cut two paper strips for the top, added a copy of the vintage label, some paper bits, and sprinkled a few little flowers. The hear and star stamps are from the main kit and they can go in that awesome jar stamp you see here. So the right side is a regular layout and the left side is a Becky Higgins Design G on the left. With Design G you have two horizontal 4x6 and two vertical 4x6 as well as two vertical 3x4. So the middle photo is actually two 3x4s printed onto one sheet of 4x6 so I could get more small vertical spaces. 

Here's a detail shot I love. The "Go Out and Play," cut is actually a digital file from Ali Edwards that I traced and cut in Silhouette.  Love how you can see the photo behind, def. not a new concept, but one that makes me just as happy as if it were. "Shine On," is also an Ali file. "Remember This" is not from the kit but is a JBS item and I trimmed the top and bottom off of the banner shaped sticker so it would fit and it resulted in a chevron look on each end that I really like. The little star tab was trimmed from Jenni's new fortune cards which can be found in the main kit. 

Here's the "just for fun" pockets, as I think of it. It was pretty easy layering Jenni's album card over the patterned paper chevron card I cut from Lisa Dickinson's new Modern Mercantile line for Jenni Bowlin Studio. Oh did I have a great time working with those papers! The right side is Lisa's striped paper but I turned the paper on an angle to cut my card so I would a diagonal stripe and not a straight stripe in my pocket. And now for the stamp. Oh my heavens. I love the Mason Jar stamp to the max (our exclusive Feb. stamp in the main kit). I stamped it in JBS Brown Sugar Ink, typed the when part of my story with a typewriter, and finished it off with one green foil flower from the Antiquarian Kit.

I've got another Project Life spread to share and then another one almost done (made with Mercantile Kits, I mean). I'm just about done with December that I did a lot with the Seafoam Edition (which would mix so well with this kit, the aqua and yellow) and I can't wait to share that one. My December stuff for Zane is already like 9 pages - it was a super full month. So I'll see ya soon.