Friday, March 1, 2013

March JBS Mercantile & My Project LIfe

Good morning, ladies! Today's the day - JBS Mercantile March kits are up and ready for purchase to subscribers! Non subscribers can grab one up tomorrow. This this is the first project I wanted to share with you. This is a road trip getaway our family went on in 2011. To start out, this is basically one of Becky's Design D page plastics to start out and a Design A to finish with a Design G, an 8x10 insert, and a 5x7 horizontal insert sandwiched between - those are all available through Becky Higgins. I used primarily the JBS Mercantile Mini-Album Kit and the main kit for this quadruple page spread.

The first gridded card you see was cut from the base of the Maggie Holmes flip book mini album you get in the mini-album kit. I also cut the transparency cover to make my first small pocket, the one that says, "Wonderful Today." You also get a sheet of really awesome Webster's Pages cards - which is what the next two pockets were cut from. The last small pocket is cut from a piece of the exclusive main kit paper designed by Lisa Dickinson. I cut the word art in Silhouette then trimmed my paper down to 3x4. The text on the first journaling card was all done on the computer as I'm sure you can tell.

Here's maybe my favorite thing about Project Life and that is that Becky has made it possible to use all sizes of plastics so you can use all your lovely large pictures and stagger or layer them and in a way get a peek of what's coming up next. This is a horizontal 5x7 plastic layered in front of an 8x10 plastic. I love love big photos in my book.

This is a peek of what it looks behind the first 5x7. This is two photos put together and printed onto a 5x7 in photoshop. I added what looks like number digital brushes but it's actually a number font.

This is what you see when you flip the 8x10 over - another carousel picture this time with Ava. Here you can see the Design G insert on the right. Again, the two smaller cards are cut from that Webster's Pages sheet from the mini kit. The gridded card is again cut from the Maggie Holmes mini album. I kept the first card just as it is, no embellishment because it's just perfect how it is. The second card, the map card, I just simply typed the location of our trip and glued it in the bubble. The large journaling card - knowing I wanted some kind of decoration on the top of that card to bring just a touch of embellishment to this spead, I left a large white space on top when I printed it. Then I had room to embellish with the label, stickers, and butterfly punch. 

Here's a shot a little closer focusing just on the Design G side. I like Design G because you get two each of horizontal and vertical 4x6 and it also leaves 2" open on the right so you can see the goodies on the next spread like that butterfly label/chevron bag.

So here's the back side of Design G and a Design A on the right side.

The grid card here is cut from a main kit paper. The colorful card is the back of one of the Webster's Pages cards. The gray diagonal is cut from the Maggie Holmes flip book. The first journal block was typed on the computer leaving a border on the left because I knew I wanted to run a line of washi tape down the side. The next card is simply adorned with a May printed digital strip from JBS Digital (available at I also used a JBS Digital brush on the roller coaster picture - the arrow that says There pointing to my group on the coaster.

This is Design A although it may not look that way at first because of the bottom row - the first pocket of the bottom row contains two 3x4 pics printed on a 4x6 but then not cut apart. The next pocket over has two 3x4 cards placed in the same 4x6 pocket. The red Remember brush is from Cathy Zielske. You get the cool printed bags in the mini kit as well - love 'em! So the last patterned papers found on this page are from the main kit. 

I typed the journaling on the diagonal following the white lines using my typewriter.

Next Up! This is a double spread I made of one play session in our backyard. And this is another reason I love Project Life. I scrapped about this on a page not too long ago. There was one picture and some text and lots of area to play with patterned paper - but there wasn't room for ALL these pics. And I need to see ALL these pics, lol. I love them all so much. I love each one of these for something I see special in each one. This spread is also mostly the mini-album kit. I saved all the pastels from that kit to use on this spread. 

The black rounded rectangle label is actually a template from Cathy Zielske. You can also se how I used pink printed cardstock to hightlight key words on my journaling box. I just printed the journal block (computer journaling) again on pink cardstock and cut out the words, glued them onto the Notes journaling card. It's really soft and adds just a little something extra to the journaling area.

I thought I was clever to print the words, "iphone video," and then draw a box and a check next to it so that I'll know I have video during this picnic and I can go back and re-live it again, in a way.

Here's the full shot of the first page. I used Florabella photoshop actions on these pictures. The cut frame on the second card is from the Antiquarian Kit. You'll get a 3D vintage picture matte. I made copies of that, cut them out, and used them to embellish this spread.

Here's the close up shot of the second page.  Again, there's a mix of Webster's Pages and Maggie Holmes/Crate Paper Mini Album on here. You can see the vintage frame in full here on the first 4x6 card (I mean that's a full copy - it copies well). "Sept" is another one of those JBS Digital calendar strips that I custom colored to match my daughter's shorts. The smile card was typed with the typewriter since the line spacing was so large it would've been a nightmare to try to get your computer journaling to line up on those lines. 

I really love the simplicity of the wooden patterned paper pocket. I used one of the doilies and Jenni's soft green alpha to add an A for Ava with two little stars on each side. I also kept the floral card simple and unembelllished only typing the date on the bottom.

So, I can 't think of much more. These will all go into books according to the year - and then suborganized by month. All pictures were printed at home with my large format Epson. I rounded all the corners on the first set using a little yellow Fiskars 1/4" corner rounder. The second set (these of Ava in the backyard) I left all those edges square except one of those cards came with rounded corners (the Notes card) so I rounded two more but left the rest square. All journaling cards were either written on the typewriter or printed on the computer depending on the kind of card I was working with.

As you can see this isn't a traditional week of life here. I've got a single day and a road trip. I just love that I am actually using all my lovely pictures! I don't have to pick just one or two and make a scrapbook page - I get to use however many I want! Giddy over that, I mean it.

Now, if I can just get the journaling done soon (it's all on the computer already, thank goodness for that), I have *so* much more to share!

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  1. That's a beautiful PL project! I have to give it a shot. I just don't want to do everyday of my life just moments that were special where I have a lot of fav photos like you said.TFS

  2. You make PL look so fun and EASY! Love how you used the bits and pieces of the kits! :)

  3. I'm over here at my house jumping up and down over these!!! These are HANDS DOWN my favorite PL spreads I've ever seen. You rock it!! Love, love, love these!!! I have looked at this post over and over.

  4. This is stunning. I have always been too scared to start a project life album as the process seems so daunting but your layouts are stunning!